Rent-to-Own This Home!

$900 per month ~ $1,299 Move-in Fee ~ $4,546 Down Payment

2030 Hunters Ridge Drive, Midway Park

Are you handy?! Yes? Awesome. Do you have at least $2700 in monthly income? Yes? Great.

Read on!

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is just what you've been dreaming of...

  • open-floor plan
  • large yard
  • master bedroom w/ adjoining walk-in closet & master bath
  • garage with storage space galore!

This home is $900 per month whether you rent or rent-to-own!

To qualify for Rent-to-Own, a 3.5% down payment of $4,546 is required.

Not enough saved up for a down payment? No Problem!

Our Work For Equity Program or VIP Program can help with that!

What's Work For Equity? Simple! It is where you make the home

repairs yourself, and receive a discount off of the sales price!

Nice, right?!

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