Student Support Wednesdays

District bus transportation will be available (for students residing in the EVHS attendance area)

District transportation is available with District Transportation routes - arrive at EVHS at 11:30am; depart EVHS at 1:40pm. Pick up times begin at 10:48am. To request your exact pick up time and location for Wednesday bus transportation, click the link below. If you have questions about transportation, please call 651-423-7685.

Please submit this information by 3:00pm on the Monday before each Wednesday.

Student support and intervention time is available and accessible to all students on Wednesdays. The goal is to designate time to increase our student achievement and success. Our teachers and staff will be available Wednesday to help students with their learning.We will use this time to supplement the interventions already happening every day for our students through individual or small group time (Zoom or in-person) to meet the learning needs of our students.

There is support every day for our students. The goal of this specific opportunity is to provide time for students to get additional support.

Lunch is available for students from 11:40am-12:15pm.

Below is information for students to get the help they need from 11:30am-3:00pm on Wednesdays.

As a reminder, the last day for Quarter 1 is Friday, November 13. Quarter 2 will begin on Monday, November 16.

Three Types of Support for Wednesdays

Independent Learning is for students who will work independently from home on coursework accessing content and materials through Schoology.

General Intervention and Support is for students who wish to attend Eastview High School for general intervention/support which may include academic coaching supported by EVHS staff.

Focused Intervention and Support is for students who will engage in focused support directly from their subject area teachers via Zoom.

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General Support and Intervention

Students may come to Eastview High School for in-person support in the following areas:

  • Organization

  • Homework help

  • Structured, supervised study

  • Para/tutor support

  • Social emotional support

  • Technology support (iPad, Schoology, Campus)

  • Lunch

  • Students may come to Eastview (District transportation available for students in EVHS attendance area) and be in the East Commons supported by support staff.

  • Students may join group Zoom meeting(s) (see below).

  • Parking permits are not required on this day.

Focused Group Zoom Meeting Options

Focused Group Zoom Meeting Options

Students may attend course-specific Zoom sessions with their classroom teacher(s). These are scheduled sessions and students can join these without an appointment. Teachers will post their Zoom link in their Schoology course.

This will be supported in 2 ways. Students may participate in both options.

  • Focused Group Zoom Options are scheduled between 11:35am-1:40pm.

  • Individual Zooms are scheduled individually with the teacher from 1:40pm-3:00pm

  • Teachers may specifically request student attendance for General Intervention or Focused Intervention, and engagement is expected.
  • Students may choose to attend/engage on their own.

See the schedule below for subjects/times. Zoom links can be found in each teacher’s Schoology course materials.

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Additional individualized focused time with your teacher

If you want individual help from your teacher, ask your teacher for a time that you can connect with them. On Wednesdays this will generally be between 1:40pm and 3pm. and may be different to accommodate students and teacher availability.