Canadian Geography

Is Canada the best place in the World to live?


Is Canada the best place to live in? Maybe, Maybe not. Let find out. We cannot just judge a country on the physical appearance. We have to take a step back look the population of the country, interactions with the environment, the resources and the communities of the country. Then only we can actually determine if the country is the best place to live.

Here are some of the major cities of Canada:

Population of Canada

Let's first focus on the people of Canada. In this section we will talk about the fairness and equality of the Aboriginals, the Immigrants and the born-canadian's rights and laws.
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A country's population can affect the Country in many different ways. The population can affect the environmental damage, it can strain the government of the country and the natural resources. Big populations are capable of faster spreading of Pandemics and higher death rate. Which can then affect the GDP and the production capability of the country.

Canada in General

Today, the population has reached 34.9 million. The population growth rate of Canada is 0.77%. The birth rate of Canada is 10.28 births/1,000 population and the death rate of this country is 8.2 deaths/1,000 population.

Resources and Industries of Canada

We, the people of Canada have a vast variety of resources available to us. Our resources include oil sans in Alberta, Uranium, mining and forestry. These resource are very precious to us. We trade this resources with foreign countries which might not have these resources available to them. In return, we get money. For example, One of the biggest trading partner of Canada is Japan. We offer Japan with coal, iron core and copper and in return Japan pays 12 billion dollars. These industries also provide us with jobs.

Interaction with Physical Environment

Soil and Vegetation in Canada

Canada is one of the best places to live, if you are a farmer because Canada has very fertile soil. Plenty of farmer immigrate to Canada each year. Many crops are harvested each year like winter wheat, spring wheat, fall rye, oats, barley, etc. This also create jobs in the country.

Natural Disasters in Canada

No one remembers the last severe natural disaster that occurred in Canada. Probably because it occurred way back in the 1900s. Forr example, the Newfoundland hurricane. It was disastrous, but it occurred in 1775. I agree that geological natural disasters are constant reality. But I doubt it will hit Canada, due to it's natural disaster history.

Communities of Canada

Canada is doing great economically and financially. But will this last longer? What does Canada hold for future generations? For a country to last long, the resources in the country have to be sustainable. Without sustainability the economy of the country will immediately collapse. Lets look at how sustainable Canada is in term of it's resources.

Sustainable Agriculture

A Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy has to be prepared by the Minister presiding over an FSDS department or agency. The Act requires them to do this. "The DSDS describes AAFC's (Agriculture and Agri-food Canada) objectives and plans for sustainable development appropriate to its mandate.'' My point is that the Government of Canada is actually doing something about the industry of agriculture.

Urban Sprawl in Canada

"Urban sprawl is a pattern of development whereby metropolitan areas extend over a large geographic region" which means the expansion of the city, the spreading out of the city is called urban sprawl. Canada is coping up with this problem Christaller's Central Pattern. This pattern make it easier for the farmers to import and export products into the city.


After looking at all the things that impact the reputation of the country and the geological process, I have come to the conclusion that Yes, Canada is one of the best places to live.