Haun Book Laboratory

These are the voyages of the Haun library!

Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns how to use a library the doors to learning are always open. -Laura Bush

National Library Week

This years theme is Libraries Transform.
Libraries transform schools, patrons, and communities as they themselves continually re-invent themselves in service to others. Let's Celebrate!
~ Sarah

April 11- April 22

Library Lesson: Kinder, First and Second- Life long learners

How do we find books in the library? What if we want to learn more about the sun, dinosaurs, or animals.
Lets type something in the library database and find it in non-fiction.

Library Lesson: Third, Fourth, Fifth - Library Patrons

How do we place a hold, renew a book, or access the kids almanac online?


Makey Makey
Osmo: Numbers, Letters, Tangram, Masterpiece, Newton
The Foos- coding on the android tablets
Collaboratively build using the playsticks
Collaboratively build using the Q-ba Maze
Create a landscape using blocks and shapes
Collaboratively build using Keva Connect
Build something using the polyhedron creation
Book Review Project (QR Codes, Video Taping, Editing)
Scratch.com - coding at the computer
Flannel Board: Anansi and the moss covered rock
Kids Almanac
Scratch Jr
Create a board game - Pokemon