IP Typo

Solution if login cannot be done Login is the most common problem faced by users. But there is nothing to be worried about, don’t consider this a serious problem. Why because there is a site called iptypo.com which have the solution for this kind of server problems. You won’t believe how simple the solution is and you might laugh about it for worrying. The common reason why people cannot login is because they type l. l instead of 1. As we all know there is a big difference between l and 1. So if you type in l your login can never be successful.

If the default IP of your router is the login page will automatically pop up. Some of the router brands which use as their default IP address are Linksys, TP-link and some few other brands. If you can’t login even after typing in the right numbers may be you should check the default IP of your router. Or you can try other options like or, these are most common ones.

When you are sure enough that you have entered the correct IP you can type it in the browser of your computer. After which you will be asked to furnish the default username and password of your router. If you want any information regarding the remote browser you can find it at iptypo.com. It is a website meant primarily for that.

Just like the IP address has their username and password for login the router manufacturers also follow the same thing. These details for the router will be available in the user’s manual or in the label under the router.

Almost all the people who use the IP address and similar others face login problem every now and then. Knowing this, creators of the site iptypo.com has come up with different users to help them out. You can easily find the site by simply typing in the address.