Are you getting enough sleep?

by Hannah Fette

Being a teenager, it is often hard to get enough sleep, especially when balancing school with your home life and extra curricular activities. The purpose of this flyer is to inform you about sleep and how important it is, while giving you advice on how to have a healthy sleep cycle.

What components go into sleep?

Sleep is a very important part of your life. REM sleep, a stage of the sleep cycle in which dreams occur, is extremely important for your brain to function properly in school. It has been proven that more REM sleep helps with everyday tasks and problems. Sleep is an altered state of consciousness, or your awareness of your environment and yourself. An altered state of consciousness is an altered sense of your surroundings and yourself. Aside from sleep, other altered states include trances from hypnosis, daydreaming, and more. Sleep falls on the circadian rhythm, functioning on a 24-hour clock. If your sleep cycle is disturbed, your sleep can be at different times every night, resulting in insomnia or any other sleep disorder. Although sleep may be the last thing on your mind, it is important to understand how dangerous an irregular sleep cycle can be on your health.

How can you get a good night's sleep every night?

Although you may not realize it, you may be suppressing feelings of stress and depression in your unconscious mind, where emotions and memories that you have pushed down reside. These feelings could be affecting your sleeping patterns, keeping you up at night and leaving you with little to no sleep. There are a couple of ways to help you to sleep at night in a regular pattern. One of them is meditation. Meditation is very effective when you need to calm yourself down enough to relax and go to sleep. It deals with selective attention, asking you to focus all of your attention on a flame or any other calming picture. Then, you relax your entire body and come out of the experience feeling completely calm and relaxed. If your preconscious memories and beliefs about meditation are that it takes too much time or focus, maybe try shutting off your phone thirty minutes before actually going to bed to give your mind a break and time to calm down. Other ways to relax and be able to fall asleep is to refrain from drinking any sort of caffeine close to your bed time, reading a book, or drinking a glass of milk. Hope this article helped!
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