November 2022

~ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) plus Health Sciences ~

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What is happening in our STEAM Clubs?

Events & Activities

All girls in grades K-12 are invited to this month-long event!

Celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math with STEMapalooza, November 1-30!

Explore, discover, and experiment with STEMapalooza this November. Visit the STEMapalooza website to find details for in-person STEM programs, live virtual programs, STEMapalooza challenges, and STEM fun for the whole family! Choose to meet an owl, compete with your family in STEM trivia, become a citizen scientist, or learn what it takes to put your STEM dreams into action. Try at least one activity to earn your STEMapalooza patch, or dive in and try it all!

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First Fridays plus so much more!

There are endless events in Fairbanks that everyone can enjoy, no matter what time of year! See incredible ice sculptures, watch Alaska Natives kick a sealskin ball hanging nine feet in the air, feel the energy of a dog musher embarking on an epic 1,000-mile quest or join in a massive festival to celebrate the midnight sun. There are plenty of theatrical acts, art shows, special exhibits, musicals and concerts to choose from. No matter what season - there is always an awesome event to attend!

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2022 Alaska Radon Poster Contest

Young artists can show off their creativity and help bring awareness of the dangers of radon – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can cause lung cancer – by entering the Alaska Radon Poster Contest.

More information about the contest and an entry form are available at the 2022 Alaska Radon Poster Contest home page.

Students aged 3-18 are invited!

To submit original artwork inspired by the theme “Breaking Boundaries in Space”

All submissions will travel to space digitally aboard Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner

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Coral Reef Drawing Contest

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse places in our oceans, teeming with creatures of all kinds. They serve as physical homes for thousands of species of fish, waystations for great ocean wanderers and produce the most spectacular of all ocean displays with their firework-like mass spawnings! You're on a journey down in a state of the art submersible to go explore one of these wondrous places and we want your imagination to run wild with all the possibilities of what you might see!


1) Drawings are submitted on submersible window themed paper (see attached). Fill in the ‘window’ representing one of the portholes of your submarine with your image!

2) Drawings should be of something that you could hypothetically find on a coral reef! Fish, crustaceans, sea snakes, sharks, even groups of scuba divers! Have fun with it and don't be afraid to use LOTS of color! Take a look at some coral reefs (especially in the Coral Triangle or Great Barrier Reef for inspiration.

Contest End Date: November 30th @ 5:00pm eastern

Teachers can scan or take photos of their students’ drawings, sending them to and using the email heading ‘Coral Contest Submissions’.

Teachers, please include your name, grade, school and location in the email. You might also choose to collect all the drawings in a Google folder, sending the link to us.

You’re welcome, and encouraged, to share images in advance of the contest end date on social media and linking us @ebtsoyp or our partners @oceanwise or @lecreefs

All submissions will be displayed on a special contest padlet ( and many will be featured on the social media pages of the participating partner organizations!

Winners will be announced on December 5th as we celebrate the #LoveNature campaign!

Find the PDF you can print for your class in this folder:

Resources for Families & Educators

Teachers and Librarians

Sign up for How to Catch STEAM Week, a week-long celebration of all things STEAM from November 7 to November 11 for a chance to win!

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Marvelous Manatees of Mote Aquarium

Hosted by Aquarium Experts

November 17 | 9:00 - 9:30 AM AK Time
Families and students ages 5-13 will find out what makes manatees so special and how they can help protect them
Register at this site!

Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

From Launchpad to lunar orbit, discover how Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Webex are testing new technology that could help future astronauts solve challenges of deep space.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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