Non-Verbal Communication

(Cameron, Kyle, Blake)

What is Non-Verbal Communication?

Non-Verbal communication is being able to communicate without using any words at all. For someone to communicate non-verbally, they may need to use things such as facial expressions, touching. Some other ways to communicate this way would be body posture, gestures, eye contact, how you dress, and spatial distance.

What happens when Non-Verbal Communication goes wrong?

When you show that you negatively move, listen or react, it affects how others may see you, or like or respect you as a person. Many times, people don't know they give off the wrong impression non-verbally.

How does this communication element relate to family, work, and the community?

People are afraid to talk to each other because they are too intimidating or very solitary. That leads to miscommunications and family troubles because the family does not communicate well enough. On the other hand, people can use it to express how happy they are.

How is this a part of real life?

This is a part of real life because of the amount of communication that takes place on a daily basis, also this type of communication occurs whenever you are around other people, which is very frequent. So non-verbal communication takes place all the time during the course of the day.
Nonverbal Communication - Intro