Harry S. Truman

The 33rd President

Accomplishments before becoming the President

Truman was born on 5/8/84 and never went to college when he grew up. Harry had many jobs, but in the end went to farming and joined the national guard. He joined the fight in World War l and became the captain in the Field Artillery. He came back and turned active in the Democratic party. In 1992, he was given the position of judge in Jackson County Court. He later became a senator in 1934. When World War II started, he headed the Senate war investigating committee, and saving as much as 15 billion dollars when he was at work. In 1994, he became the vice president of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What did he do as President?

After Roosevelt’s sudden death, Truman became the president and was in charge of leading the military to victory in World War ll. He made the Germans surrender and dropped to atomic bombs in Japan, which ended World War ll. He later witnessed the signing of a charter for the United Nations for peace. Soon, he made a list of things to improve for citizens called the Fair Deal and presented it in the state of the union to congress. In 1947, the Soviets were troubling Turkey and Greece, so in response, Harry created the Truman Doctrine. In 1948, Soviets were now blockading Berlin, so Truman helped the Berliners, while establishing the North Atlantic Treaty organization in 1949. In 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea and Truman didn’t do anything much since he didn’t want to start another World War. He did not run for president again and later died in 1972.

5 Interesting Facts about Harry S. Truman

  • He had a unwanted dog named Feller even though he didn't like dogs that much
  • He survived an assassination attempt
  • He wore really huge glasses
  • He only served 82 days for his vice presidential term before becoming the actual president
  • He met the queen of england

Harry S. Truman

The 33rd president of the United States.