Boost Your Skills!

Activities That will Entertain and Instruct!

A New Twist on Social Media!

Think you already know all there is to know about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Guess again! These sites can be used for more than just connecting with friends and sharing your thoughts. They can actually help you get into great colleges, find jobs, learn new skills, and so much more!

Come see us on Mondays from 3 PM to 4 PM to learn how to make these sites work for you!

Create & Share Book Trailers!

We love books! You love books! Let's help others love books!

Work in teams using Microsoft Photo Story or Movie Maker to create book trailers for your favorite books and upload them to the library's Facebook page and website.

Come see us on Tuesdays from 3PM to 4 PM to create and share your masterpieces!

Think You Know the Truth?

Do crayons really contain asbestos? Is Facebook really going to start charging an annual fee? Did Black Friday get its name from the selling of slaves?

New information is delivered to us every day, but can we really believe everything we hear? Try your luck at our Fact vs. Fiction game! Students will compete as they attempt to determine which statement is truth and which is myth. Earn extra points by the why and/or how behind your decisions.

Fact vs. Fiction is held every Wednesday from 3PM to 4PM.