Antarctica Flag Design

By Luke Spratt


I chose yellow to represent sunlight and happiness. Australia's research stations are located on Antarctica's coast.In Summer for a couple of weeks around christmas time these research stations have 24 hours of daylight. Yellow also represents happiness and this links to Antarctica because all of the research stations help each other which makes everyone happy.


I chose black to represent darkness and power.In the middle of Winter during July the sun does not rise therefore it's total darkness. Black also means power and this links to Antarctica because the treaty is strong and powerful and all countries have to follow it.


I chose blue to represent the ocean that surrounds Antarctica and intelligence. Blue represents the ocean that surrounds Antarctica and this is important because nearly all the animals live in or near water.Blue also represents intelligence and this links to Antarctica because scientists stay in Antarctica and they are very intelligent.

White Snowflake

I chose the White Snowflake because the snowflake represents the coldness of Antarctica and the white represents peace between the Antarctic stations. Antarctica is so cold so I thought I had to do something to represent it. The white means peace because all the stations share there information and they all live in peace and harmony together.