Lineville Thechnology Class

By: Morgan Beyer


One project in technology is the iTrailer, this is a program through iMovie. What you do is figure out a topic, then you write detail's about your topic as if you are writing a trailer for a real movie. You should pick a topic that suits you, such as a vacation or a family event. When you pick a topic add details like you are going to actually write a movie about your topic. For example, start with "A long time ago, there was a girl" or something that hooks the viewer to make them want to actually watch and learn about your topic. Then you can add pictures and background music to make it uique. Not only is this activity schoolwork it is also a fun activity to work on at home.

Explain Everything

Another project we did was an Explain Everything. Explain Everything is an app that you can draw on and then record you voice over it to "Explain Everything" or in other words explain what you did. We used this app to solve a math problem. What we did, was we picked a math problem and explained exactly what we did and how to solve the problem. You use the app by showing what you did and then recording your voice over it to explain. You can also add pictures to represent other objects.

Haiku Deck

The Haiku Deck project was a project where we wrote about our dream jobs. First, we found our dream job through Career Locker, where we later found our facts that we used in our Haiku Deck. Then, we put information on the Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is a presentation program where you put new information on each slide. After we completed our Haiku Deck, we presented them to our class.


In coding, we used a website called that gives you video guides on how to code. In between videos, you are given mini challenges where you try to get a person or object from point A, to point B. You do this by setting the control options in a sequence that will move your character to where you want them to go. You use control options such as move forward, turn left, and turn right. As you get further, the challenges get harder and you get more complex control options to make you be able to do more.

Career Locker

In Career Locker, we found our dream job and read about it. We found it by taking a series of online quizzes, so they knew what we were good at and enjoyed. The questions were opinion questions where they found out what we would be interested in. Later, the quiz would pull together all of our responses and formed a job that would suit us. Then, if it sounded interesting, we could look into more of what they do, the conditions, where they worked, and the average pay amount.

Learn to Type

Learn to Type is an online course that teaches you and lets you practice your typing skills. Before every class, we are given 5 minutes to type. Each course is small and lets you practice typing with the whole keyboard. Every semester, we have to be at a certain point in typing so you can challenge yourself to type fast and learn where the keys are without looking at the keyboard. Also, each course allows you to focus on certain keys at a time. Have fun typing!