Pre-K 2's Bi-Weekly Review

What We Have Learned

Welcome to The Scoop! The Scoop is a tool that will inform you of what we have learned and activities your child was engaged in for the previous two weeks. This newsletter is intended to give you snapshots of your child's time at Legacy.

Unit: Back To School

We discussed our topic with questions about the reasons for coming to school, all the wonderful things that we can learn and do. We also explored the new classroom set up. We went on a hunt to familiarize ourselves on where the new interest centers were located. We also learned our daily and weekly schedules.

Bible Stories:

Adam and Eve

The class heard the story of Adam and Eve's:

  • their creation
  • their life and responsibilities in Eden
  • their deception by the serpent
  • their forgiveness by God
  • their finding a new home

The account was summed up with the key points: obedience to parents/guardians, telling the truth and forgiveness.

Cain and Abel

We also listened to the story about Cain and Abel's:

  • love and brotherhood
  • Cain's jealousy over Abel' praise from God
  • Cain's anger

The story was concluded with the key points: love for each other, choosing better ways to deal with being upset and trying our very best.


~ Aa & Bb - we brainstormed words that begin with letter Aa and Bb.

~ 1 & 2 - we counted number to 2 from 0 (for simple math we eliminated objects less than/ more than 1 and 2).

~ Orange & Green - we spied for orange and green items in the classroom.

~ Rectangle & Circle - we discussed how a rectangle is different from a square because of its longer sides. We recognized that circle do not have corners like other shapes.

Looking Ahead

Important Info

Next Week's Topic: Super Rule Keepers (cont.)

Show and Tell Day (9/20/16): Please bring in a picture book.

Wish List: Flour, Pom Poms, and Dry Erase Markers.

**For important updates and information visit Legacy's website.**

Learning And Growing In Action

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Nature Walk

The class investigated the items found on our nature walk (9/16/16).
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Sorted Nature Walk discovery items.

What's Your Favorite Center?