School Searches & Seizures

Mind Your own business!!!!

Savana Redding

Savana Reddings was stripped searched by school officials when a classmate accused her of possessing ibuprofen. When the officials finished this unconstitutional search they found nothing on Savana. When taken up with the Supreme Court they ruled that the search was unconstitutional and violated Savana's constitutional rights.

Searches and Seizures in Schools

People say that "Searches and Seizures" in schools is unconstitutional and wrong, but the hooligans say it is right. I'm here to tell you that searches and seizures are wrong and unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment states the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and personal belongings, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The concern for some people is what if students are bringing illegal drugs or weapons to school. In the video above, Are "Search and Seizure" Practices in Public Schools Constitutional?, they have very strict procedures as once you leave the campus and come back you will be searched no matter what. They state that they don't know if you got in a fight earlier and went home to grab a weapon or in some cases a drug. Most of these acts are to have a drug free school, but there are other ways instead of searches

Like Eugene Livingston from the video says "If you saw a student who was dressed kind of funky like sagging his pants or waring a bandana you would probably take a profile and think that he has something on him, but what if he doesn't." That is why there should be reasonable evidence before you strip search someone or go seize someones personal stuff such as backpacks and search through it. If someone doesn't have the facts or a warrant that permits you to conduct a search with some reasonable evidence then when that person goes around searching someone you are violating that persons Fourth Amendment right. Searching is wrong in many ways derogating to many people and I want you to stand up and stop it.

Interveiw with Connor Hathaway

Q: What do you think about school searches?

A: I think it is rude and they should have a a good reason and evidence to search