The A's Defy All Expectations



In the book, Billy's assistant, Paul, had used stats to find ball players. Whenever Paul's computer spits out a name such as Teahen or Swisher, Billy trusts that it is a good choice. Also when they are picking ball players, everyone trusts each other. An example of this is when the scouts think they have a good player and billy says something like " Put a Milo on him", everyone agrees. When working, everyone in the room trusts each other.

The unexpected results of very odd baseball picks from the Oakland A's manager Billy Beane.


This book started about how Billy Beane ruined his baseball and academic life in one decision. Now the Oakland A's manager, He will not make the same mistake. He pairs up with a Harvard graduate and makes decisions based on stats rather than watching the actual players. He trusts the computer and makes decisions that everyone thinks are crazy. With those decisions, however, he digs the A's out of their bad reputation and takes them where no baseball team has ever gone before.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis worked for many magazines including New York Times and Bloomberg. Michael was a financial journalist before writing the hit book Moneyball. He also wrote another non-fiction book related to sports called The Blind Side. The book is a true story which Michael Lewis re-created. This recreation ended up being the #1 New York Times bestseller and the movie went to the Oscars.