Cancer Awareness

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1.What is Cancer?

2.How can we help Cancer patients?

3.How can we prevent Cancer?

4.What are the affects of Cancer?

5.Can Cancer be passed down through genes?

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"Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.” states the National Cancer Institute. So basically Cancer is an illness that kills cells in your body and makes you really sick. So many different types of people get Cancer. You could be the most healthy person and you could get Cancer. If your friend or family member or someone you know get diagnosed with Cancer most people don’t know how to act. But the CCF states that, “Continuing friendships and regular activities after a cancer diagnosis is a great way to further the healing process. But don’t forget that friends also need encouragement and support after cancer treatment has finished. After treatment your friend will be trying to find his or her "new normal" in this next phase of life, and friendships are an important part of that.” So it’s best if you try and continue a friendship even if it is different no matter what friendships can change and this could just be a new adventure that you and your friend could get through together. Cancer specialists say that if you keep up a friendship it could help further the healing process and help your friend get better quicker. Also if they have a good support system then they will want to fight more and be stronger. If you stay with your friend you could be the reason that they get through this.

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