FLB Global Education Week

Driving Global Sustainability

The FINANCE & LEGAL BOARD Global Education Week

Come to our Global Education Week and get to know all you need to know about the FLB, VISAS, Legal Establishments, Financial Models and Management, (at local or national level), Audits, Tax, the NEW Global Distribution Model and MORE by our network experts!
Choose which classes yo want to attend, it is really simple!

FLB Global Education Week

Wednesday, May 15th, 1pm to Friday, May 17th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Check the internal WIKI for details of FACIs, Sessions and Registrations for online Classes HERE:


Classes will take place from the 13th of May till the 17th from 13 hs GMT to 15 hs GMT.


Session Day Time - All sessions last 1 hour.

Get to know the FLB 15th of may 13 hs GMT

Visas 15th of May 14 hs GMT

Legal Establishment 15th of May 15 hs GMT

Financial Model 16th of May 13 hs GMT

NEW Global Distribution Model 16th of May 14 hs GMT

Tax and Audit 16th of May 15 hs GMT

MC and LC Financial Management 17th of May 13hs GMT

Internal Audit 17th of May 14 hs GMT

Financial Reporting 17th of May 15 hs GMT

We are AIESECs Global Finance & Legal Board

AIESEC's Finance and Legal Board is responsible for seeing to the sustainability of the network through consultancy, education and management support.
If you're an AIESEC entity in need of help, raise a request at http://bit.ly/FLBsupport