Industrial Age


John D Rockefeller

Who : he was the co-founder of the standard oil company

What : the standard oil company was by far the leading oil company in America . It made john d Rockefeller the richest man in the world.

When : he founded the standard oil company in 1870 and retired in 1897

Were : he was born in New York then traveled to ohio and founded the standard .

Why : I think he was in the oil industry because he saw the rising need for oil.

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Thomas Edison

Who : He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world.

What : the one he is most famous for is by far the electric light bulb .

When : he was born in 1847 and died in 1931 during this time he invented over 1000 things.

Were : he was born in Ohio and then moved to Michigan were he did most of his work .

Why : he wanted to influence America to go after there dreams

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Samuel Gompers

Who : he founded the AFL or the American federation of labor .

What : the AFL made laws that raised pay and lowered the hours from 12 to 8 .

When : he founded the AFL in 1881 and worked there untell his death in 1924.

Were : was born in London and moved to America .

Why : because labors were being over worked.

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Union Pacific railroad

Who : it was one of the leading railroads of its time .

What :it had over 8400 locomotives and had 45000 employees .

When : it was incorporated on July 1, 1862

Were : span over 31,000 miles of the US .

Why : it help people get from point A to point B in the US.

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