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Welcome to the April edition of Our Global Town. Throughout the building and beyond, the boys have been busy embarking on global adventures. We invite you to take some time to read the stories, look at the pictures and discover how our boys are becoming global citizens in many different ways. We wish all of our Town community a wonderful and adventure-filled end of the year and summer. We look forward to sharing more stories with you in the fall.

Town School Welcomes Teach With Africa's Alfred Tebogo Aramogale

When Alfred applied and was selected to be part of the Teach With Africa Educators exchange program in San Francisco, he was ectastic, yet anxious to see what this opportunity would yield. Alfred's 3 1/2 weeks as a member of our community will have a lasting impact on us all. His words below best explain his sentiments about his time at Town School For Boys. Read them here. A very warm and heartfelt thanks to Alfred's Town Host parents (Justine Shapiro- Mateo'15 and Krutika and Rajiv Patel-Vivek'19) who lovingly opened their hearts and homes to Alfred. Further, Town School hosted a debrief meeting with all 15 South Africa Teachers allowing them a place to actively reflect on their individual and collective experiences. See pictures here. Host schools this year included: The Branson School, Crystal Springs Uplands, Drew School, Gateway Middle School, The Hamlin School, Immaculate Conception Academy, Katherine Delmar Burkes School, Kehillah Jewish High School, Marin Horizon, San Leandro High School, Live Oak School, Town School For Boys, San Francisco University High School and Buckingham Browne & Nichols (Boston). Click here to read more about TWA's unprecedented Gala Success! We look forward to our continued global partnership with Teach With Africa.

Kindergarten Leads the Way with a Chinese New Year Celebration

Six enthusiastic parents participated in this year's Kindergarten Chinese New Year Celebrations. The parents started by sharing their unique family traditions on bringing in the new year. Parent Michele Lo then read Oliver Chin's latest book, "Year of the Sheep," which tells the story of a special friendship between a shepherd's daughter and her young sheep while touching on lessons in basic engineering, teamwork and the Chinese zodiac. After the story parents explained all the food brought in for the celebration.

  • Chinese dumplings, known as Jiao zi, are one of the most important foods in the Chinese New Year; the shape is similar to ancient gold symbolizing wealth.
  • Tangerines and oranges are believed to bring wealth and luck and it's particularly good if they have leaves as they symbolize longevity.
  • Nian gao is a sweet sticky rice cake which can be steamed or fried and because gao sounds like tall or high in Chinese, the cakes symbolize achieving new heights in the coming year.
  • Hong bao or lai see are red envelops filled with either money or lucky candy and the red symbolizes good luck and is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Every student received his own pair of chopsticks to practice picking up the treats. At the end of the in-class celebration the boys enjoyed participating in their very own parade around school with an impressive plaster dragon head they all worked on in class with Mrs. Hollister.

In 2nd Grade, the students watched video highlights of SF Chinese New Year parades and talked to the boys about the celebration planned downtown that upcoming weekend. Parent Michele Lo led a brief Q&A and then passed out lucky tangerines and red envelopes.

Kiva Lending Reaches $10,000 and Growing

Now in it's fourth year, the Town School 6th grade micro-lending project continues to grow. While Ms. Goggin's 6th graders learn about social entrepreneurship and the ins and outs of small business development and financial literacy, Ms Gomez-Lobo's 6th graders learn about the impact of micro-lending through lessons using fractions, decimals and percents. The goal in both of these classes remains the same: to use global statistics as a catalyst to explore global poverty and feel empowered to act.

Interested in joining Town School for Boys lenders by making a loan with your family? Join the Town School for Boys Friends and Family lending team here.

3rd Graders Discuss Bird Migration with Pen Pals

Town third graders in conjunction with their penpals in Sayula, Mexico, study sixteen species of birds that share the same Pacific flyway. This global project, run by Amigos Alados, incorporates collaboration and critical thinking in bird conservation through math, art, and technology. Amigos Alados is a non-profit organization based in Marin that matches teachers in the Western USA and Mexico. See their website for more information.

School -Wide Service Day in Honor of Cesar Chavez Makes Students think Glocally

For several years, Town School has participated in an annual service day in honor of Cesar Chavez. This year students, faculty and staff engaged in various projects including cleaning classrooms; creating art kits for children impacted by chronic illnesses; cleaning multiple parks; working with preschool children at Holy Family Day Home; sorting/arranging donated items at a re-use center in Bayview; mulching, weeding, and defining compost areas; and beach clean up. In addition, and with the mindset of deepening local relationships, 7th and 8th grade advisories this year participated in three additional half-service days with the same organizations. Providing students a platform to engage locally in service work supports global intersections on a larger scale.

Town School Teachers Prepare for Exciting Global Professional Growth Opportunities

We are extremely excited that three of our faculty members will embark this summer on adventures combining travel and professional growth that will without a doubt leave lasting impressions. Chris Ceci-MacGillis will travel with World Leadership School and will spend 14 days in Belize and Guatemala. She will immerse herself in the communities, participate in a home stay experience, visit with key community members and learn about the culture, environment, schools and much more.

New Teacher Institute Director Jennifer Liu will travel to South Africa as a member of Teach with Africa's Faculty in Residence Program. Having Town faculty members work with Leap Math and Science Schools in South Africa is an amazing opportunity that further promotes our global partnership. Jennifer will have opportunities to share her leadership and expertise through The Global Teachers Institute. "The GTI aims to strengthen teacher capacity in South Africa and across the world by transforming the way we train teachers." Jennifer will be able to offer more guidance to the visiting leaders in the future.

Kim Stuart will be joining the EarthWatch Institute this summer, which "brings individuals from all walks of life together with world-class scientists to work for the good of the planet." She will measure evidence of global warming near Churchill, Manitoba in a small town on the Hudson Bay in Canada that is on the front line of climate change. Her team will focus on the diverse wetland environments that make up 40% of the land cover in this region and will don waist-high waders to take water samples and assess the abundance of the fish and frogs that make these northern wetlands their home. For more information on the EarthWatch Adventure click here. We look forward to hearing about Kim's travels in the fall.

Resources for the Global Educator and Parent

Country Comparison Tool (Click Here)

An easy to use tool to compare living conditions from one country to another.

360 Panoramic Cities (Click Here)

Explore the world through these interactive panoramic pictures.

Kristen Goggin Travels to Austin, Texas (Click Here)

Alongside World Leadership School, Kristen travels to Austin to present, "More than Drive-By Professional Development: Deeper Approaches for Deeper Relationships." Check out her slide show as it highlights many Town projects and relationships.

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