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Advanced and Continuing Studies Staff News Letter

Up and running!

With all classes now up and running it has been great to have had the opportunity this week to have a quick look around the area and visit more groups I would like to thank everyone and their students for welcoming me in to the classrooms.

I will be out and about early next week trying to visit all our classrooms and learners to allow me to gain a real insight in to the exciting, inspiring and interesting things that are going on in our area.

We have a number of courses in which we have waiting lists so if you have students who have not attended your sessions please let tutors know so we can arrange for 1-2-1 tutorials for these students to see if they are happy with their choices.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions and participation in Mondays team briefing which has given me plenty to think about, it identified some clear strengths of our area and provided me with a number of ideas we need to run with to improve what we offer to our students.

I look forward to working with you all in making the area a great place for students to study and staff to work.

The College will be hosting a Year 11 parents information evening on Wednesday night, which will give us an opportunity to meet perspective learners and their parents. This will be our chance to shine out above our other competitors as the best 6th form in the area. I hope to see many of you there inspiring our future students.

Plan of the event is as follows –

Up to 6:10 pm Arrival and Registration

6:10 pm - Welcome and Overview

6.25 – Curriculum Tours and Talks

See you all next week

Stefan Fusenich

Head of Learning and Skills

Advanced and Progression Studies


Student services at college will be running Mental Health Raising Awareness Training, I would like to encourage you to book on to one of the following dates please if possible by contacting


Wed 28th Sept - 15.00-16.30 – D301

Thurs 20th Oct - 15.00-16.30 – D301

Thurs 19th Jan - 9-10.30– D301

Thurs 16th Mar - 15.30-17.00 – D301

Thurs 4th May - 13.00-15.30 – D301

Mon 3rd July - 14.30-16.00– D301

Wed 5th July - 9-10.30 – D301

Y11 Parents Information Evening

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 6pm

Abby Building