Friday Focus

JSE Staff January 15th

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Thank you Diana for giving us a laugh and letting us ride a roller coaster at 8am. More experiences to grow student vocabulary and increase interest. I have shared the docs from the HA PD in our google classroom, please make comments as you incorporate the links into your presentation.

Two quotes that stuck out to me at the HA conference:

“Emotion drives attention and attention drives learning!”

“Consumers of knowledge producers of learning.”

Next week, I will be out Monday. Please call or text if you need anything! Thursday our PTO will support our focus on reading through a family game night of BINGO for Books from 6-7pm, if you are available to join us please do. You can play, celebrate our winners and help your kids choose books. You may even win a couple for your classroom library:)

National Pie Day Friday!

Stay warm this weekend, it's supposed to be a cold one AGAIN!


Two Reminders from last week:

Report cards go home Thursday. While analyzing the STAR data, reviewing final grades, and most importantly your overall understanding of the progress of each child, please update your student watch-list and continue communication with parents. Here is a link to the student watch list: MOY Student Watch List Please indicate support/direct students.

Beginning of February we will have grade level meetings for a half-way point review of your RtI student progress, retention candidates, special ed. testing candidates, and IEP services.

Goals for 3rd Quarter: Reflect on 2nd quarter/1st semester

Reflect: Quick Read *This ties into Kathy Nimmer's reflection questions for students.

Set Goals:

School-Wide: Main Hallway Classroom Reading Goals and Math Fact Goals

Classrooms: Display and track goals to motivate identified learning area

Individual: AR Goals, Math Facts, Sight Words, Writing, etc.

Professional Development

  • Math Focus : Thank you Cathy and the Math PL221 committee for identifying a need and taking action! Please complete your vocabulary list and turn it in to Cathy. Check your Math Fact Car...if your class has reached your goal, create a new one and travel higher!
  • Ren Learn Data Meetings: The 2nd meeting will focus on growth reports.3-5, 2-1, and K dates, Title I, special ed. are on the calendar. All at 8am.
  • Friday: Meeting with Mike: Grades K-2

Teach Like a Champion refresher... "You" Techniques

The pdf below provides an excellent and QUICK summary of Doug Lemov's, Teach Like a Champion. Purposeful and Intentional: 1: NO OPT OUT, 2: RIGHT IS RIGHT,3: STRETCH IT, Technique 4: FORMAT MATTERS, 5: WITHOUT APOLOGY, 6: BEGIN WITH THE END, 7: 4 M's, 8: POST IT, 9: SHORTEST PATH,10: DOUBLE PLAN, 11: DRAW THE MAP, 12: THE HOOK, 13: NAME THE STEPS, 14: BOARD=PAPER, 15: CIRCULATE, 16: BREAK IT DOWN 17: RATIO 18: CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING This week take a look at 19: AT BATS, 20: EXIT TICKET, 21: TAKE A STAND.

*I have included the summary below:

Technique 19: AT BATS – "In baseball, to perfect your swing, you need as many “at bats” -- or practice sessions batting – as possible. In the same way, students need lots and lots of practice to master a new skill entirely on their own. Also make sure students can solve questions in various formats. Because some students reach mastery more quickly, have bonus problems to push those students further."

Technique 20: EXIT TICKET – "By collecting answers to one or a few questions at the end of class you can gather important information about student understanding. What percentage of your students got it right? What mistakes were made? What in yourlesson might have led to the confusion? This short assessment provides critical insight and helps in designing the next day’s lesson."

Technique 21: TAKE A STAND – "This technique gets students to actively make judgments about their peers’ answers. “Stand up if you agree with Alexis” or “Thumbs up if you think he is right.” The answers will help to inform your teaching, especially if you ask students to defend their answers, “Why is your thumb down?”

Which of the above techniques will you focus on to fine tune next week?


  • Report Cards 1/21
  • Reading and Math Goals for main hallway bulletin boards.
  • Update MOY Student Watch List
  • STAR reports send home in Thursday Folders
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize CSL: Think Reflectively and Bucket-filling Trait: Friendship
  • Review the techniques above!
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!