Endangered species in NC

Red wolf, Grey bat, West Indian Manetee

The Red Wolf

The red wolf (Canis rufus)

Found in the mountains region of NC

Red wolfs have been hunted from farmers and poachers and were trying to be captive breeding to be reintroduced and stropped from extinction


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Grey Bat

The grey bat or Myotis grisescens

They were put in western North Carolina

Creation of dams have flooded many bat caves and human disturbance has caused a great decline in grey bats in North Carolina

They have created many laws and steps to protect them and are preserving bat caves


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West Indian Manetee

West Indian Manatee Trichechus manatus

Found In the Atlantic ocean so off the coast of North carolina

The west indian mantetees have been hunted for their meat in skin by us humans

We are doing a lot to conserve these animals like the US endangered species act to protect them from poachers


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