Dangerous Places of the World

Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Across the world there are many places that have dangers form earthquakes and volcanoes. When a country is on a fault line or on the boundaries of tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes can occur there. Some places are more dangerous than others, like Indonesia and Haiti, but some countries aren't that dangerous if they are in the middle of a tectonic plate.

Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

Sumbawa Island, Indonesia is a beautiful place to live. The average temperature in Sumbawa island is 73 degrees fahrenheit. There are great rainforests with many wildlife features. The wildlife includes wild boar, deer, and many majestic birds which are quite common. There is very little traffic and the people are friendly. There are a lot of beaches with white sand. Sumbawa Island is home to Mount Tambora, a beautiful site to see.

The Indian Australian plate have convergent boundaries with the Eurasian plate. This is why the major eruption of Mount Tambora happened in 1815. Mount Tambora is part of the Ring of Fire. This composite volcano is the most violent volcanic eruption ever recorded.

This is a dangerous place to live because all of the volcanic activity. Sumbawa island is from the Sunda Arc. The Sunda Arc is a volcanic arc that has produced islands. Many of the most powerful and violent earthquakes and volcanoes were on the Sunda Arc. Mount Tambora was on Sumbawa Island. Mount Tambora was given a 7 on the VEI.

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The Island

The island of Haiti is a beautiful place to live, and lots of people want to live there because of its fascinating culture. It is located right by Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean. Three quarters of the island is mountains. The population is around 7.2 million. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The majority of the population speaks kreyol but some also speak French. Haiti is a gorgeous island to live on.

Tectonic plates

Haiti sits on the fault line between huge tectonic plates that cause earthquakes on the island. These two plates are the North American plate and the Caribbean plate. The fault line runs east to west through Haiti, and it is a strike slip fault line. These to plates are sheering the island. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. When the quake hit the massive plates moved causing the pieces of rock to move past each other.


Haiti is a dangerous place to live because it sits on the fault line between two tectonic plates. The earthquake in 2010 killed 316,000, injured 300,000, and made 1,000,000 homeless. When Haiti does not have an earthquake for a long period of time it means that the plates are building up pressure for a larger and more destructive earthquake to hit.


The Kashmir earthquake is the largest earthquake that has ever happened in Pakistan. The magnitude of this earthquake is 7.6. The earthquake happened on Saturday 8, 2005 at 3:50 AM. The earthquake happened on the region of Pakistan. The depth of the earthquake is 26 km (16.2 miles). The earthquake caused damage in many other regions such as Islamabad, Pakistan, Mingaora, Pakistan, Srinager, Kashmir, Gilgit, Kashmir. The farthest it reached was to Gilgit which is 165 km (105 miles). Gilgit is southwest of Kashmir. The earthquake killed 86,000 and injured 69,000 with extensive damage to Pakistan.

The heaviest damage occurred in Muzaffarabad area. More than 4 million citizens were left homeless with nowhere to go. At least 32,335 buildings collapsed in Anantnag, Baramulla, Jammu and Srinagar, Kashmir. More buildings collapsed in Abbottabad, Gujranwala,Gujrat, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

1,350 were killed in the area of India. Landslides, rock falls damaged and destroyed several mountain roads and highways cutting off ways to get out and in of the area to save and get out. With roads being blocked and supplies crushed there was no way to get out which is why tons of people living free lives died of this major earthquake.
These are all very dangerous places in the world. They are dangerous because of their location on the tectonic plate boundaries. They are almost impossible to tell when they will happen, or when they will blow. The unstoppable force can ruin entire cities and even countries. These places have all had volcanoes or earthquakes that have done damage to their cities and people.


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