Phoenix Flyer

Volumen 14, Edicion 6 - Octubre 23, 2020

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Hello Fronteras Families!

Thank you for the awesome support of our two Believe Kids fundraisers this quarter! I love seeing all the students and family members wearing their Fronteras tops! Your support is greatly appreciated!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately, we had to make the very tough decision to cancel our outdoor Halloween parade October 30th. Each grade level is such an important part of our school, we simply could not move forward with our Trunk N’ Treat parade without our Kindergarten students and teachers. Because this was a BRILLIANT parent generated idea, we hope that you will offer suggestions for ways to do a different activity together as a school. Please post your ideas to our parent Facebook page and/or email me your ideas. THANK YOU to everyone who was ready to join us!

Fronteras Spirit Week will still take place October 26th-30th! At home and Kindergarten students please email Miss Kami photos of your kiddos in their spirit outfits!

We continue to make excellent improvements with our morning drop off! Thank you for pulling all the way forward, staying in your vehicle, and having your children ready to hop out. I’m sure everyone in line is grateful for the improved traffic flow!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Most Sincerely, Mrs. Hutchins

“I can’t believe it’s that time of year again when I have to rake the leaves into my neighbor’s yard.”

ASAA Revised Mask Policy!

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Clarification of COVID Symptoms and Time at Home

There have been some questions about how long a student is required to stay home when a parent self-reports their child has a symptom from the COVID symptom list. When a student has a COVID symptom, they can come back when they receive a negative test result, are home for 10 days and symptom free for 24 hours without being on fever reducing medicine, or get a doctor’s note that it is not COVID related. This is true if they are screened at school or by a parent at home.

Morning Drop-Off Safety Requirements!

  • Please pull ALL THE WAY forward in the drop-off line regardless of where your child enters the school
  • The school sidewalk is a drop-off zone only, please do not get out of your vehicle
  • The school sidewalk is a drop-off zone only, please make sure your child is ready and can exit your vehicle independently
  • Please have all of your children exit your vehicle on the sidewalk side only and not on the traffic side or on the rocks by the playground
  • If your child requires assistance to exit your vehicle, please park in the parking lot to assist them
  • After your child has exited your vehicle, please signal and pull into the left exit lane
  • Please drive slowly and be aware at all times while on Fronteras campus
  • If you don't see Miss Shawn standing at the first corner of the sidewalk for 2nd-4th grade entry; please drop your child at the front doors so they can collect a tardy slip at the office
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Fronteras Academic Policy Committee (APC) Board Elections

Our Academic Policy Committee board elections will take place in November. There is currently one open staff seat and two open parent seats. This is a great opportunity to get involved with our school. By joining the board you are committing to meet the second Tuesday of every other month and are willing to participate in committee meetings, fundraising, projects and other volunteer efforts. The board is currently working on updating the charter, an annual APC fundraiser and building community relationships. Applications are available on our website at under the Academic Policy Committee tab ‘2020 APC Elections’. All applications, a picture and bio must be signed and submitted to by 12:30pm on October 30, 2020. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Misty Adams, Lynda Denny, Solveig Eidsness, or Gwen Schneider.

Music Quarter One Reflection!

Quarter one music was packed full of many fun activities. We used shakers, scarves, rhythm sticks, and sidewalk chalk to help us with our learning. We talked about the composer Beethoven and learned some of his most famous pieces. We also explored some jazz music and the instruments that make up their brass bands. We practiced our solfege with the class favorite game- poison! Some of the older students learned how to play ukuleles, while others earned belts in Recorder Karate. Middle schoolers took on the challenge of creating their own music videos and arranged their own works using garage band. While music class looks (and sounds) a little different this year, I am so proud of our students for their willingness to try new things and their abilities to make joyous music in the midst of our circumstances.

Conferences will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, November 3rd. I will be reaching out to schedule individual conferences that I see as most beneficial to student’s learning. If you do not hear from me, checking your students’ grade on their report card will give you a glimpse of how they are doing in music class. Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have.

-Miss Roe

Physical Education Quarter One Reflection!

We experienced a three-season weather blend during our outdoor P.E. block with some summer sunshine, splash of Autumn rain and even a bolt of winter snow. Students favorite day by far was, “Trail Day!” Thank you to all our amazing community of parents who graciously volunteered their time for the adventures! Primary students enjoyed finding worms and other nature treasures and running in the mud and puddles. We played games on our journeys such as, “yo veo con mi ojito/I spy with my little eye”, running from the “monstruo”, hide and seek and balancing on some logs. The older grades loved trail running, a twist on running/jumping rock-paper-scissors to wizards/dwarfs/giants, camouflage, “forest warrior pool noodle fencing”, and intense games of capture the flag. All ages delighted in tales and visits to the hobbit houses, impulse and speed control game of fox and rabbit, and climbing the “hill of doom” to marvel at the view of Knik Glacier. On the field some highlights enjoyed was lots of social-distance soccer and pool noodle/social-distance tag games. A favorite of all ages was for sure our new hopper balls with handles. (Great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift. We have some in adult sizes too and it was a tough call which class had more fun: the kindy kids or the middle schoolers.) Dance highlights included younger students moving to party freeze dance and hokey pokey dances while the eighth graders did an extreme burpee challenge to every thunder word in ACDC’s “Thunderstruck”. Middle school health lessons were delivered outdoors and focused on maintaining health and wellness, managing emotions, maintaining mental health management strategies such as healthy eating, proper sleep, physical activity, and mindfulness activities. Each class ended with a “P.E. Party” while students voted on some choice activities such as parachute, obstacle course, or creative Sharks and Minnows that turned into some unique twists like, ”Guinea pigs and Carrots or Moose and Bears”. This quarter we will move “Trail Day” to one day a week on Tuesdays provided we have a volunteer and weather permits. Please email me at if you are interested in signing up to help. Remember to check out this gear tip sheet
We will be going outside, weather permitting, every day for P.E. class and students will go outside for recess down to -10 degrees daily. Please make sure winter gear is organized and labeled and sent to school each day. We are also accepting donations of clean winter gear to help any students in need K-8. Extra donations of snow gloves, bibs, or boots are especially helpful. Also please have a pair of gym shoes available at school in case of bad weather we will retreat to the gym.

Conferences will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, November 3rd. I will be reaching out to schedule individual conferences as needed. If you do not hear from me, checking your students’ grade on their report card will give a glimpse of how they are doing in P.E. class. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Colder days are here! Please make sure your child has proper outdoor gear for recess, including a warm coat! District policy states that students go outside for recess up to -10!

2020-2021 Yearbooks!

It's time to order your 2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbook! Order by October 31st and receive 5% off! Click on the link below to order!

**8th Grade Parents! Please DO NOT purchase a yearbook for your 8th grader. They will be receiving one as a Promotion gift, at the end of the school year**

2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbooks!

Click here to order a 2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbook!

Reporting absences!

You can report an absence using the following in preferred order:


  1. log into your ParentVUE account using desktop (won't let you report an absence using cell)
  2. click on blue "Report Absence" button to the right of your student's school photo
  3. follow prompts
School Dismissal Manager
  1. log into your School Dismissal Manager account using desktop or cell
  2. click on the day of the week to absence will occur
  3. create "Exception"
  4. click on absence
  5. follow prompts
  1. email Kami at

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is not available. Please make sure to label your child's belongings so that misplaced items can be immediately returned.

2020-2021 Fronteras School Calendar With Early Release Fridays!

October Birthdays!

Pumpkin Palooza!

Autumn drew a beautiful summary of Sr. Pantoja’s speech of Spain culture while she was listening!

Sra. Cook and Mrs. Hutchins introduce middle school students to strategy-based math games!

Kindergarten ABC Bootcamp Fashion Show!


Hooray for Friday!

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