Help Me, Please

By: Rebecca Bane

"Always expect the unexpeted"


This story is about a 15 year old girl named Sky who comes home to find out that her parents arent home and that they are being robbed, so the robbers kiddnapped her. Later she woke up to a strange place and that she was tied up in the back of a van. She over heard the kiddnappers talking to each other and found out that there names were Matt, who was 18, and Jim, who was Matt's father. Later that night they did bad thing to her and she ecaped and ran away and was running for about hour and she fianlly hid in someones house, she passed out. Aweek later she finds out her parentswere killed and that she was in England The owner of the house comes down stairs thinking that it was his friend and he freaks out. She stayed there for a bout a mounth not knowing how long it was and she finds out that she was pregnet so she ends up telling her friends what happened and they make her go to the police. Her friends think that she is 18 but she is really 15 and she thinks she is in love with a guy named Zayn. When she told Zayn he stormed out of the house. Sky went looking for him when she get kiddnapped again by Matt. Matt ties her up and she end up passing out when she wakes up again Jim is driving the van and he stops and gets out, he comes back later with some one hanging over his shoulder just to find out that it was Sky's friend Elenore.A cupple days later Sky has stomach pains so Jim calles the doctor. Jim and Matt have already kiddnapped more of Sky's friends, the doctor tell everyone to get out so she can examine Sky, the doctor asks Sky if Jim and Matt kiddnapped Sky and she said yes. The doctor tells sky that she has a plan to get Sky away from them but she will have to act like she is in labor so Sky agrees. 5 mins. later everyone in hitting eachother and Sky and the doctor are just watching in shock. Sky is yelling at everyone to stop, when she does get everyone to stop her, Harry, and Zayn are about to leave untill Matt gets up and points a gun at them, the doctor comes up behind Matt and knocks him out with a frying pan and says "thats what you get when you call your sister to come help.". Every one was stanging there in shock except Sky she was punching Matt over and over so harry had to pick her up under her arms and start to carry her out to the car when their friends show up along with Elenore. Sky said to harry that they must have found her after she escaped. aA sky was walking to the car her water broke so she was rushed to the hospitle. 5 mins. after she gave birth Matt and Jim escaped from the police and stoll the twins.

Zayn Malik

In this story Zayn is in love with a girl he found in his house one day and would do any thing for her. He goes through everything with her and when she get kiddnapped again he even get kiddnapped with her.

Niall Horan

In this story Niall is Sky's best friend and they trust eachother with everything Niall helps rescue Sky, Harry, and Zayn.


The setting is in Londen, England in the city and in the middle of no where in the begging it starts of in California

Conflict & Resolution

The conflict in this story is that A girl Named Sky gets kidnapped. Sky's kidnappers kill Sky's parents. Sky escapes and is ok for a little while, then she gets kiddnapped again. Sky's kiddnappers call the doctor for sky because her stomch hurts and the doctor helps her escape. there really is ne resolution because in the end Sky's kiddnappers get away from the cops and steal Sky's baby's and are running away with them.

favorite quotes

1) "Zoneing out was a good thing because I think everything they were talking sbout was boring and unrelated to me."

2) "Are...are those people...stalkers??."

3) "Of course you can have pancakes for lunch!"