Block 1


I recommend this book if you want to hear about God and peoples story's about how they interacted with God by changing their lives.These people had to put God first in there lives to become a parent,pastor,football player,surf boarder etc. Several people who were discussed in this book did illegal drugs and were alcoholics, so they weren't able to be who they wanted to be. This book also shows you how to worship and pay more attention in Church. There is a website with great information and there are also 5 kilometer runs you can do that are based on the book because they want to get the word out. This book might have been the best book I have read this year, so please read this book.


There are multiple settings in this book.

A small town that was very diverse with people rioting about their race and segregation acts. (Ken Hutcherson)

A stage with screaming and yelling fans in the background while playing loud music on stage.(Brian Welch)

A decent town with decent people.People praising for God and worshiping him and church.

(Nate Larkin)


God, that's why we go to church.He heals us and excepts our prayers when we need them most.He also helps us with sports and other hobbies we do to have fun with. That is why we should go to church and worship and praise him while paying attention in church and try to make an effort to learn about him.

Conflict and Plot

Some of the characters in this book did not believe in God and believed in the devil.

They also did drugs and were driven by hate and hated others around them. When the characters were this way they were always depressed, high, and drunk .While having a family to take care of. Instead going to parties and doing other stuff.