The Relationship Bank Account

By: Jenice Huguley


This book is very good especially for teens. It relates to how some teens feel. I am on chapter 7 now and it is really good. Below I will give you quotes from the book and explain what it means to me but right now I am going tell you what the whole chapter 7 is about.

Chapter 7

  • This Chapter is mainly about how to maintain a healthy relationship with:

- Friends

-Family (mom, dad, brother, sisters, etc.)

  • Things that help you maintain a health relationship are

- Keeping promises

-Doing small acts of kindness

-Being Loyal


-Saying you're sorry

-Setting clear expectations

Quote #1

"One kind word can warm three winter months"

  • To me this is saying that someone who is hurt or sad, etc saying one nice thing to them could make them feel better.
  • Basically it is saying that the little things count.

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