The Beautiful State Of Colorado

By: Tori Kleint


By: Tori Kleint

Mrs. Kurz and Ms. Milton



State Symbols

Colorado's state flag has three large stripes going from top to bottom. The top and bottom stripes are a dark blue representing the clear blue skies while the center stripe is white representing all the snow on the mountains. In the center more towards the left is the letter C going from the middle of the top stripe to the middle of the bottom stripe. The letter C is red representing Colorado's red soil. In the center of the red C is a gold circle representing abundant colorado sunshine.

Colorado's state song is " Where the columbines grow"

Colorado's state bird is the Lark Bunting

Colorado's state gemstone is aquamarine

Colorado's state tree is the Colorado Blue Spruce.

Basic Facts

Colorado's capital is Denver, Colorado.

The date that Colorado entered statehood was August 1st, 1876.

The population is 5,355,866 people.

The largest city in Colorado is Denver.

Colorado's state nickname is "Centennial State"

Colorado's major sports teams:

  • Football - Denver Broncos
  • Basketball - Denver Nuggets
  • Baseball - Colorado Rockies
  • Hockey - Colorado Avalanche
  • Soccer - Colorado Rapids


Where Colorado is on the US map

Here is a map of Colorado (with the capital)

Here is a physical map of Colorado

Colorado has all sorts of different land types like the rocky mountains, the Colorado plateau, the great plains, the intermontane basin, along with lakes and rivers. Most of Colorado is made up of mountains.


Colorado has a lot of history. One them being the gold rush which caused lots of problems land wise. There was also the great depression which also cause lots of problems for the government.

Not only is there history in Colorado but lots of famous people too. One out of many of them is Ross Anderson, he was one of the fastest skiers in american history.


The average temperature of Colorado really just depends on where you are in Colorado. If you are up higher like in the mountains the average is 17 degrees around January and an average of 54 degrees around July. If you are more in the plains then the average temperature is 17 degrees around January and an average of 75 degrees around July.