Hieronymus Bosch

By: Miles Strickler

About him...

He was born in Aachen in 1426 where he lived for his entire life before he died in August, 1516

Bosch came from a long line of artists and painters, his father taught Bosch and his brother the techniques and styles of painting.

Not much is known about Bosch during his lifetime, but he was married to Aleid van de Meervenne in 1481, he also set up an art studio on Market Place in the same year to sell his paintings. He is directly responsible for creating at least seven paintings which he signed, but is credited with about 25 unsigned paintings.

Bosch only made paintings and drawings, he is known as the creator of surrealism and is studied by other surrealist painters like Salvador Dali and James Ensor. One of his more famous paintings "Garden of Earthy Delights" was actually not part of his popular theme of surrealism and can be found in a European museum.

The two "isms" Bosch closely related his art to were Scepticism and Capitolism, most of his art was about temptation and people being condemned to Hell, or magic and nudity. The church was disgusted with his paintings as they showed no religious belief whatsoever. Bosch created his paintings as a means for selling them for money so he came up with Surrealism to make them more popular.

Temptation of Saint

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About the piece...

This piece was created in 1491

It can be found in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

This is one of many of the Surrealist paintings made by Hieronymus Bosch nothing seems to make any sense because there is chaos everywhere.

This piece is a little crazy and chaotic. There is fire, people upside down and screaming, all sorts of weird animals and a crazy screaming giant coming out of a cave.

The "ism" that fits this painting is Scepticism, this is about the temptation of a Saint, there is chaos and destruction everywhere you look, this is nothing like the serene, calm, and religious paintings of the church.

This piece is interesting because of what's going on in the picture, every time you look at it you see something new that you didn't see before, there are a lot of made up, crazy looking creatures in this painting. I also think that the giant's face looks funny.


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AR: Attributed to Hieronymus Bosch
TI: Temptation of Saint Antony Triptych, central panel
DS: Museo del Prado cat. no. 3085
AA: ARTstor