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Thank you to our teachers!

Next week, May 4th - May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week. I am sure I don't have to tell you that we have the most amazing teachers and staff at Oxford Elementary School. Even though our school buildings are closed, our teachers continue to work very hard each and every day. I thought I would take a minute to share with you what our staff is doing while children learn from home.

Teachers are creating learning packets, contacting families, hosting Zoom meetings with classes, meeting virtually with students one-on-one, buying groceries for someone in need, assuring a parent that they are doing enough, giving out resources for food banks and other community services, and listening to the fears of students who are missing school and worried about the world.

They are teaching their own children at home, caring for parents or grandparents, supporting friends and relatives who are essential workers, and finding ways to create some normal for their own family. Teachers are brainstorming and planning for what school looks like when we return to classes in the Fall, they are thinking about how to make the transition back easy for both kids and parents and they are trying to find toilet paper.

They are making plans for how to celebrate our 6th graders who will move on from elementary school without any formal closure while also making plans for how we welcome our new Pre-K and Kindergarten families so that they feel comfortable at school. They are working to adjust the curriculum and ensure that we are able to meet the needs of all of our students when they return to school. They are hosting morning meetings, recording read alouds, creating virtual games, and missing the daily physical connection with their students.

As their principal, I can not thank them enough for everything that they are doing. This is not teaching as we know it. They did not learn how to teach during a global pandemic while in college. Teaching students through a computer screen is not something they have trained for but every day they are learning and growing and trying to make the best decisions for their students and our community. The flexibility and creativity that our teachers have shown over the past two months have been amazing. The personal and professional learning they are doing so that they can get better at remote teaching is amazing. I know that they will continue to grow and adapt to this new way of teaching, continuing to offer our students new learning opportunities until we can be together again.

Thank you OES teachers and staff for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do to support our students and their families. I am very proud of each and every one of you and it is my privilege to be the principal of the Oxford Elementary School and work with such an amazing group of teachers!

If you have some time over the coming week, please reach out to your child's teacher with words of thanks and encouragement. I know that they would appreciate that more than you know!

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Project Aces - with Mrs. Ellis

Hello Oxford students and families! Have you ever heard of "Project Aces?" It is described as "the world's largest exercise class." It is always held on the first Wednesday in May at 10:00am. It is a nation-wide (and world-wide now!) initiative to celebrate moving our bodies! ACES stands for "All Children Exercise Simultaneously." "Simultaneously" is a big word that means "at the same time." You can read more about it at I told Ms. Karnes about it and she said "Sign Oxford Elementary up!" so we registered our school to participate! Join us on Wednesday, May 6th at 10:00 AM! Find a way to move your body! You can do anything you want! Dance, jumping jacks, ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, sit-ups, run, play basketball, skateboard, whatever! Please share a photo with us, your teacher, our FB pages, whatever! Let's have fun! ~Mrs. Ellis

A May Reading Challenge

Bookshelves in Bloom: May Reading Challenge

Click the button above for a May Reading Challenge for kids of all ages!

Spread Some Kindness!

May 1st--"May Day"--is often seen as a day to spread kindness and cheer! Looking for a way to do that? Mrs. Ellis' daughter, Shyanne (some of you know her!), works as a CNA in residential care--that is a place for older people to live who may need help from nurses. Right now they are not able to leave or have any visitors or see their families or friends. Some of them are getting lonely and sad. If you would like to draw a picture, make a card, write a letter, etc. Shyanne said she would give them out and they would love it! YOU can help bring a smile to their faces! Send it to:

Crosswinds Residential Care

c/o Shyanne Ellis

40 Village Road

Fort Kent, Maine 04743

You could also find a local nursing home or residential care facility to spread some kindness to as well! Let's see how many smiles we can spread!

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