The Ancient Maya Civilization

By Abbey Stone

Maya Religion

The Mayans' religion was polytheism, which is belief or worship of multiple gods. They believed the gods needed blood to prevent disasters or the end of the world. They had the sun god and the rain god.

Images of Mayan culture

Mayan Achievements

  • 2 calendars- the first with 365 days for harvest and planting (We use this calendar today in regular life) The other included 260 days strictly for religious events.
  • They had observatories and astronomy buildings where they studied space (along with the stars)
  • The Mayans were great mathematicians! They created the symbol/concept of "zero."
  • The Mayans made a writing system including pictographs and hieroglyphics in which they wrote on bark and used stone tables.
  • The architectural workers (builders) used obsidian to carve stone and they did NOT use metal tools because they did not exist in Mesoamerica.
  • The artists carved, painted, and made jewelry in their spare time.

Fun Facts about the Mayan Culture

  1. They thought crossed eyes were beautiful, so you would see majority of the Mayans with crossed eyes.
  2. The Mayans believed flat foreheads were essential, so they would strap a flat board onto the newborn baby's head and leave it there for several days.
  3. The sharp teeth of the Mayan people were from them sharpening them and place jade in them.
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