West Word

An Update from Perkiomen Valley Middle School West

A Word From Mr. Creeden

October is in full swing here at West as many classes of students have been able to get outdoors to participate in many learning opportunities as well as take much desired mask breaks. Our athletic teams are representing PV West proudly as they complete and musical groups are getting underway. Lastly, many clubs and activities have or will be starting very soon. See much more about these exciting opportunities in the newsletter below.

I want to remind everyone that Monday is an inservice day and there is no school for students. The day is recognized as Columbus Day, a federal holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. For many, the holiday honors Columbus’ achievements and celebrates Italian-American heritage. In recent years, this holiday has expanded in select states and cities to also be recognized as Indigenous Peoples' Day. The purpose of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is not to erase Columbus Day from history, but rather to recognize, honor, and celebrate the Native American cultures and people who have inhabited the Americas since long before European explorers arrived. Here at West and all that we do as a District, we are creating greater awareness about all who should be. recognized and celebrated in our school communities and community at large.

Quick Snapshot📸

  • What's Up @ West
  • Activity Buses
  • West Homework Club
  • Activity Wednesday
  • Clubs & Activities @ West
  • Victim Services Presentation to 7th Grade Students
  • Laurel House Presentation to 8th Grade Students
  • Musical Director Needed
  • Substitute Aide Help Needed
  • Talent Show
  • 6th Grade College Settlement Camp Field Trip
  • West Home & School Information
  • Nurse Notes
  • Food Service
  • PV West Athletic Update
  • PV West Attendance Information
  • PVSD Health & Safety Plan
  • PV Power Packs
  • Creative Health Resources for Parents
  • Change Demographic Information in Synergy
  • PV West on Social Media
  • West Weeks At-A Glance - Save The Dates

What's Up @ West

Activity Buses

After-school activity transportation is available at Middle School West. Transportation is available to any student participating in an after-school activity such as athletics, music practice, or student clubs.

  • 4:00pm Departure - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (begins Oct 5)
  • 5:30pm Departure - currently Monday thru Friday

For each day students intend to take either the 4:00pm or 5:30pm activity bus, they are asked to inform the school district and bus company for routing purposes using the electronic form provided. The form links are below and also available to students via the PV LaunchPad - Classlink. Students must submit their information each morning by 10:00 am if they intend to ride the afternoon activity bus that day.

West Homework Club

Homework Club will take place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2:30 - 3:45pm in the West library. Homework Club will provide a quiet, comfortable, and supportive setting for students to complete school work and become better organized. Students will receive assistance and support when needed. School resources will also be provided for all students in attendance. Students do not need to sign-up. If students are attending they can report directly to the Library after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please encourage your children to attend as after school homework help time will be a great opportunity to not only get help, but also get organized, and get caught up.

Activity Wednesday

Activity Wednesday will take place every Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 3:45pm. Activity Wednesday is for all students of any ability level to engage in fun indoor and outdoor activities that will provide opportunities to socially connect with other peers. Activities are differentiated in a comfortable setting that is inclusive for all in attendance. We will advertise the next week's activity in our parent newsletter, the West Word. Students do not need to sign-up. If students are attending they can report directly to the Cafeteria after school on Wednesdays.

This past week we didn't have enough students to participate in Capture The Flag so we played some fun games of Bottle Bash. This week we will make another attempt at Capture The Flag. I hope you can join us.🚩

Clubs & Activities @ West

Victim Services Presentation to 7th Grade Students

Victim Services Center of Montgomery Country will be presenting a couple lessons to our 7th grade students called Sexual Harassment: Respecting Boundaries, which includes online harassment. The goal is to help students recognize the personal, physical, verbal and virtual boundaries of others. They will talk about ways to respond, seeking help and how to help a friend if you know someone is either harassing others or being harassed. The presentations will take place on Thursday 10/7 and Tuesday 10/12 for the Titan team students, and Wednesday 10/13 and Thursday 10/14 for the Crusader team students.

For more information about Victim Services presentations for schools please go to https://www.victimservicescenter.org/for-schools.

If you have any additional questions or would like to opt your child out of the presentations please email Mr. Creeden at rcreeden@pvsd.org.

Laurel House Presentation to 8th Grade Students

Laurel House located in Montgomery County will be presenting a couple lessons to our 8th grade students called Healthy Relationships. The presentations will discuss all types of relationships (dating, “talking”, hanging out, friendships, etc.), identify healthy/ unhealthy/ abusive relationships through realistic case scenarios, identify warning signs and barriers to leaving through a group scenario, and practice what to say to a friend who may be in an abusive relationship.

The presentations will take place for all 8th grade students on Wednesday 10/13 and Thursday 10/14.

For more information about Laurel House presentations for schools please go to https://laurel-house.org/about/our-programs/prevention-education/.

If you have any additional questions or would like to opt your child out of the presentations please email Mr. Creeden at rcreeden@pvsd.org.

Musical Director Needed

We are currently in need of a director and staff for our upcoming spring musical. If you have theater experience and are interested in being involved in the musical please contact the main office or send an email to Shannon Bricker at sbricker@pvsd.org. Thank you for your consideration.

Substitute Aide Help Needed

Work at PV as a Substitute Aide

Looking to take your involvement with the district to the next level? Submit your application as a Substitute Teacher Aide and spend your days providing meaningful service to students and staff in our schools. No formal teaching experience is required, just a willingness to work with students of all ages and abilities throughout the district. Although regular availability is preferred, this job provides significant scheduling flexibility from week to week.

Apply now online or contact Susan Angel (sangel@pvsd.org) with questions.

Talent Show

Can you sing? Dance? Play an instrument? Perform feats of strength and amaze a crowd? Do you have a unique talent? Then you belong in this year's talent show! Auditions will be taking place in a few weeks for our November 12th show. Start practicing now! We love unique performances and appreciate all types of talent, whether performed alone, as a pair, or in groups! Keep listening to PVTV for more information. If your child is interested or please have him or her see Ms. Emers in room 242 or email Ms. Emers at demers@pvsd.org

6th Grade College Settlement Camp Field Trip

Dear Sixth-grade Families,

The sixth-grade teams will be participating in a field trip to the College Settlement Outdoor School, which is located in Horsham, PA. The outdoor school program offers students experiential-based lessons designed to complement the science curriculum. In addition, students will participate in group challenges to foster team building.

Trip Details

Date: Element Team – Monday, October 4, 2021

Wilderness Team–Tuesday , October 12, 2021

Departure time: 8:00 a.m.

Lunch: Students should bring a bagged lunch (no glass bottles)

Return to school: 2:15 p.m.

Trip cost: $36.00 per student (Cash or Checks made out to PVMS West)

Students should wear old shoes and clothes that can get dirty. This is an all-weather event, so students should dress in layers for the change in temperatures throughout the day. We are requesting that students eat outside, weather permitting. If eating indoors, the camp will be unable to maintain a 6 foot distance and will distance the students as far as possible. It is our school’s wish that all students attend. Your inability to fully finance this trip should not be a reason for your child to miss this wonderful opportunity. Please contact your child’s teacher, a guidance counselor or the office if paying for this activity causes concern. We are committed to ensuring that every child attends.

We are asking for the permission slip and money to be turned in to your HOMEROOM TEACHER by Friday, October 1st for both the Element and Wilderness Teams.


The Wilderness and Element Teams

West Home & School Information


Your Home & School runs on volunteers and donations. Please consider supporting us by making a donation today. Every penny adds up to amazing events and rewards for our students such as Field Day, Activity Nights, Teacher Appreciation, and 8th Grade Celebration.

Raffle opportunities are given for all donations!

$10 - 1 raffle entry $25 - 3 raffle entries

$50 - 7 raffle entries $100 - 15 raffle entries

Prizes include Amazon, Rita’s, and Bruster's gift cards, free games of mini golf at Waltz’s, Wawa lunches, ice cream parties, Kona Ice, and much MORE!

To donate go to Venmo @pvmsw-homeandschool, PayPal pvmswest@gmail.com or have a check made out to PV Middle School West Home and School. Please see the letter below with more information. Be sure to include your child’s name, Homeroom teacher and where you want your donation to go. Donate through 10/31/21. Thank you for your support!

Thank you,

Christy Hopenwasser

In addition, please mention our next Home and School meeting is October 21, 2001 at 7pm. Please email PVMSWestHS@gmail.com if interested in attending. All are welcome!

Nurse Notes

As part of Perkiomen Valley School District’s Health and Safety Plan, parents/guardians are expected to monitor their child(ren) for symptoms of COVID-19 every day prior to sending children into school. Please monitor your child(ren) daily for symptoms and keep your child(ren) home based on the information and directions provided below. Please do your part to help protect the school district’s health and safety by answering honestly.


Group A


Shortness of breath

New loss of taste or smell

Group B

Fever (measured or subjective)



Myalgia (muscle aches)


Sore throat



If your child has one or more symptoms in Group A, or two or more symptoms in Group B, or is taking fever-reducing medication, please do not send him/her to school. Consult with your family medical provider for evaluation and possible COVID-19 testing.

Food Service

PV Food Service is ready to welcome our students back for the 2021/2022 school year! We will serve complete breakfasts and lunches, free of charge, to all students. We will also offer some a la carte items for purchase for those who are interested. For more information about food service please go to https://www.pvsd.org/departments/food-service/

PV West Athletic Update

Middle school sports continue to prepare for upcoming competitions. See the schedules below for upcoming competition dates.

Middle School West Girls' Soccer

Results from last week: Monday win vs Pottsgrove home 5-2. Wednesday loss vs. Boyertown 6-3. Friday win vs Pottsgrove 6-3.

Unsung athletes of the week: Unsung hero of the week is Meley Mussie for stepping up to play goalie for an injured teammate with 4 saves in Friday's game. Also, Captain Sarah Shaedle for talking to her teammates on the field and scoring a goal in Friday's game. Team captain Holli Nuss had 5 goals for the week and our seventh grader, Brianna Young, for stepping up with 6 goals for the week.

8th Grade Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3745296/seasonid/4635292

Middle School Football

8th Grade Schedule: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3697196/seasonid/4635616

7th Grade Schedule: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3697195/seasonid/4658701

Middle School West Boys' Soccer

Results from last week: 4-0 win against Upper Perk and a 10-0 win against Pottsgrove.

Unsung athlete of the week: Entire team! In our game against Pottsgrove we were the better team and the team showed class by playing more of a controlled game. Our 7th graders got a lot of time and scored some goals but in the end a class act by the West boys!

8th Grade Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3745191/seasonid/4635147

7th Grade Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3745197/seasonid/4635148

Middle School West Field Hockey

Results from last week: Tuesday, 28th: Won against Eisenhower 1-0. Thursday, 30th: Lost to Upper Perkiomen 3-0.

Unsung athletes of the week: The entire team (Forwards, Mids, Backs, Goal Keeper) are putting forth their best effort. The team is playing with big heart and great enthusiasm, and earned accolades even from opposite team coaches and referees for their positivity and sportsmanship. Special mentions: Brianna Minkon. Brianna displayed excellent skills and stick work in both the games and scored the winning goal against Eisenhower. Keaton Spreitzer: Keaton played with great spirit as a mid and gave excellent cover to the forwards as well as the backs. Ashley Rehling: Team captain, goal keeper and backbone of our team. Ashley guided the team with passion and positivity, on-field and off-field and inspired the team to play to their full potential.

8th Grade Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3745182/seasonid/4635265

Middle School West Cross Country

Boys Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3783373/seasonid/4635728

Girls Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3783374/seasonid/4635729

Middle School West Volleyball

Schedule for this year: https://pvvikings.bigteams.com/main/teamschedule/id/3782156/seasonid/4635715

PV West Attendance Information

If your child will be absent or missing any class time, please send an email (from the email you have listed in our new SIS system) to:


This will count as your call-out AND parent excuse. Please indicate in your email the date of absence, student’s grade and the reason for the absence. An absence is considered unexcused when the child’s school has not received an email or written parent note providing an acceptable reason for the absence, within a 3-day period.

You may also call our attendance line at: 1 (484) 977-7210, option 1. If you do this, you would still need to submit an email with the above information in order for it to be excused.

Any medical notes or Dr.'s notes should be placed in the Attendance Box, right outside the Guidance Department.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Brenda Continelli at bcontinelli@pvsd.org or you may call her at x3540.

PVSD Health & Safety Plan Update

The following information summarizes information within our current 2021-22 Health and Safety Plan:

  • when in our schools, all staff and students are required to wear masks indoors;

  • students are required to wear masks while riding on buses (in accordance with the CDC order);

  • physical/social distancing of 3’ is recommended;

  • while eating lunch, students in grades 1-6 will be situated 6’ apart to the greatest extent possible;

  • masks remain optional when students are outdoors (for example, during physical education classes, recess, learning activities, etc.)

On Tuesday August 31st, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) announced that masks/face coverings will be required in schools in Pennsylvania beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021. This order will remain in effect until the Acting Secretary of Health determines the public health risk is sufficiently reduced so that masks/face coverings are no longer necessary as public health mitigation measures in schools.

The order outlines the situations when a mask/face covering must be worn and also identifies the limited exceptions to the mandate. Mask/Face covering exemption requests must be based on a medical or mental health provider attesting to the fact that wearing a mask/face covering either causes a medical condition or exacerbates an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition, or a disability. The District has updated its Student Mask/Face Covering Exemption Request Form. In the event you believe your child needs an exemption and qualifies based on a PA licensed medical or mental health provider’s diagnosis, please complete the form and submit to your child’s school nurse electronically or in print format.

  • Mask/Face covering exemption forms should be submitted electronically or in print to the school nurse. The email address of your child’s school nurse is available on the website: Staff Directory.

  • Students with an IEP or 504 requesting a mask/face covering exemption should reach out to their child’s case manager. These requests will be reviewed by the IEP or 504 team, respectively.

As a note, the DOH order does not apply to school sports or outdoor activities. However, the District’s approved Health and Safety Plan continues to require masks/face coverings for student athletes when practicing and competing indoors as well as all spectators attending events indoors. Masks/face coverings are recommended when outdoors on the fields or in the stadium when the gathering size is large, i.e., football games, otherwise they are optional.

The District continues to monitor the incidence and positivity rates and the most appropriate recommendations for health and safety in response. The District’s COVID dashboard is active now that the school year is underway.

Your partnership in supporting student learning as well as upholding these mitigation measures is much appreciated.

PV Power Packs

PV Power Packs is a weekend food program for students experiencing food insecurity. Bags of food, including 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 snacks, and 2 fruits, are sent home with students prior to every weekend. There is no financial information required to participate in this program and students pick up their bags from their counselor or designated person every week.

We will begin distributing Power Packs on 9/10. You can sign up for your student to receive a Power Packs bag by filling out this form: Power Packs Sign Up

If you have any questions, email Sarah at powerpacks@pvsd.org.

Creative Health Resources for Parents

A youth marijuana prevention project and be a part of the conversation presentation called Cannabis, Who Knew? is coming soon. We’ll have an illuminating conversation about today’s cannabis and its impact on young people. As a community that cares about adolescents, we need to learn all we can about this evolving substance, which bears little resemblance to a plant. We’ll be joined by Laura Outt, MD, FACP, physician and teen health advocate. We’ll also hear from an individual who previously used cannabis and will share their experience.

Please see the flyer below for more of a description and registration information.

Change Demographic Information in Synergy

It is very important that we have the most current demographic information for students and parents/guardians. If you would like to change any of your demographic information that is listed in Synergy (cell number, address, e-mail address, etc...) please contact our main office at 484-977-7210 and press 0.

PV West on Social Media

We would love to have you join our social media accounts to stay updated on the latest West news and happenings. Please see below on where to find each of our accounts.

West Weeks At A Glance - Save the Dates

Consult calendar for details regarding activities below


Monday the 11th - Columbus Day, No School for students

Tuesday the 12th - 6th Grade Wilderness Team Settlement Camp Field Trip; School Board Business Meeting @ 7pm

Wednesday the 20th - Half-Day for students