Taste Test

Apple Juice

Motts, Old Orchard, or Minute Maid?

What do people prefer more, Motts, Old Orchard, or Minute Maid?

This is the question we are trying to figure out.

Our Hypothosis

We believe that people will like Motts the most because Minute Maid is sweet but not sour. Old Orchard is sour but not sweet. And Motts is both sweet and sour!

The Experiment

The materials we needed for the taste test was 2 bottles of Old Orchard and Mott's. And 16 small bottles of Minute maid. We needed 300 dixie cups and a tray to put the cups on. And finally some walls to hide the bottles so they do not know what the brands are.


In the end, the results were...

Mott's - 13

Minute Maid - 16

Old Orchard - 18

Thus proving Me and Cade's hypothosis correct and not our other group members!