6th Grade Band News

April 11-15, 2016

Reminder - No Morning Band on Tuesday due to PARCC

Just a reminder - the 6th Grade Band will NOT rehearse on the following day due to the PARCC testing schedule:

Tuesday, April 12

Morning Band will resume on Friday, April 15! Make sure you are there since we have not rehearsed together in many weeks and our concert is in about one month!

Directors Dash for Dollars!

Did you donate yet! Don't forget that Mrs. Clark is working hard to prepare for the Frankfort Half Marathon in support of the New Lenox Band Boosters! We would love for you to make a donation to our great program, so we can continue to provide quality music education experiences for our awesome band members! Please consider sending in a cash donation or donating online at:


Thank you for your support of the New Lenox Band Program!

Weekly 6th Grade Band Schedule

Monday, April 11 - Oakview 6th Grade Band Sectionals

9:55 - trumpet

10:25 - french horn

11:45 - trombone

12:15 - baritone and tuba

12:45 - percussion

1:15 - flute and clarinet

Tuesday, April 12

No 6th Grade Band today!

Wednesday, April 13

Thursday, April 14 - Ridge 6th Grade Band Sectionals

12:50-1:20 - all 6th grade band members attend at this time.

Mrs. Clark will be on a field trip with the Liberty Band in the morning, so this is the only time that will work for sectionals.

Friday, April 15

7am - 6th Grade Band

What to practice for 6th Grade Band?

Instrument Spotlight of the Week: Flute

Fun Flute Facts:

Flutes have been in existence since prehistoric times. Prehistoric animal bones were used to make the first flutes. A cave bear thigh bone was found in 1995 in Slovenia that had two holes. It is believed to be used more than 43,000 years ago as a flute!

Most flutes are made of metal, but there are some that are made out of wood.

Flutes are handcrafted musical instruments and each instrument is slightly different from other flutes. The most different part of the flute is the head joint. Different head joints can change the sound of the flute and professional flute players often try many different head joints in order to find the one that gives them the best sound. Sometimes head joints are even designed specifically for a certain musician.

Please enjoy the video below from the US Army Field Band flute section:

Flute Fundamentals [HD]