July 2014

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Computing Assessment

Makewaves: Open Badges and the computing curriculum

Matt Rogers, ICT lead at Snowsfields Primary, has created a series of Open Badges that will help teachers to deliver the new computing curriculum from September. These badges are live now and can be shared with pupils via Makewaves.

'Makewaves are at the forefront of the Open Badge movement. Their innovative platforms have enabled young people to engage with and lead the development of badges, in safe, secure environments.' Mark Surman, Mozilla. There are also a series of 'Summer Camp' badges which your pupils can work towards and earn over the summer holidays.

YouTube for Schools: Join the Global Classroom Today!

You Tube Edu

To block or not to block?

It’s funny, it seems like we’ve been having this debate for years: should YouTube be blocked in schools? The tides are beginning to shift, with more people advocating opening up access to YouTube to students. The argument makes sense: there are a lot of really powerful educational videos on YouTube–and we all want to give students access to powerful educational content!

But the downsides are no less true now than they were years ago: inappropriate content, foul and bullying comments, suggestions for related videos that are not just unrelated but unwanted.
The answer, it seems, lies somewhere in between Block and Allow:

  • Allow for teachers, block for students.
  • Allow for older students, block for younger students.
  • Enable YouTube for Education.

Block, allow, or something in between. What’s your school policy for blocking/allowing YouTube?

Education City Update

V2 coming soon!

The countdown to EducationCity’s new and improved V2 is now on and excitement is mounting! They will be switching our customers over during the summer holidays so that from the start of the 2014/2015 academic year they will be able to enjoy:

  1. a brand new platform with a new look and feel and simpler navigation. Even more intuitive to use, EducationCity’s new platform embraces all that everyone loves about EducationCity and brings it bang up-to-date
  2. content mapped to the new national curriculum 2014
  3. a brand new module, Computing
  4. a fun, interactive PlayLive French challenge, which puts both language and cultural knowledge of French-speaking territories to the test
  5. extended access to EducationCity, making it available to use via all mobile devices.

Take a sneak peek here for a taste of the EducationCity that is to come, and keep an eye on theblog and in your inboxes (if you subscribe) for further details!

E Safety on your iPad

App Certain


We care about family values and keeping your child safe. We provide knowledge and facts to help you make informed decisions.

Monitor Apps

Get an email alert for every app downloaded, and quick analysis of the most popular apps. Badges show important features and functions of apps.

Curfew Mode

Curfew Mode is a remote on/off switch for all non-essential apps to help you manage the time spent on mobile devices.


This is a great publication, order up to 250 FREE copies to give out to all your parents.

Coding Resources

Espresso Coding Summer Camp

J2 Code - FREE

Just2easy are excited to announce the release of their newest on-line creative tool; J2code. J2code is FREE for all UK schools with no login required. It meets all of the coding elements of the National Curriculum for computing programmes of study for KS1 and KS2 in 2014. J2Code enables teachers to run coding on any modern device and comes with the option to share and publish their code as well as connecting and integrating with the award winning Just2easy tool suite.