Mobile Apps

Apps for mobile learning

Google Earth

With this app, students can explore the earth. You can search various places that have been recreated in 3D imagery. This is also a great app for virtual field trips!

This app can benefit students learning as they can explore the world from their mobile devices. It gives them more options to learn about geography!

3rd Grade Splash Math educational worksheets for multiplication & division

This app has a collection on math worksheets for students to practice. With 16 topics available this app reinforces math concepts while letting work at their own pace and keeps them engaged. Children can work on this app anytime, anywhere as it is available for iphone, ipad, desktops and laptops.

This app is great for students who need a little more practices on their concepts of math. Its fun appeal also helps encourage them to further their understanding in this area. This tool can be implemented in the classroom as well as students can work on it at home.


This app is a resource for teaching and reviewing grammar. Using characters whose personalities are based on the on role they play in the sentence, it guides students through the use of verbs, nouns, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections in a fun and engaging way! No more dry grammar lessons!

Teach Me

This app is available for grades k-3. It guides students in various subjects including spelling and math. The app can recognize a students written answer along with helping them with their writing, spelling and math skills.

This tool is great for division 1 students as well as early learners. Great for young students as it catches their attention and makes learning the content fun for them.

Star Chart

Here is an easy and fun way to learn about space! Using this app students can learn so much about infinity and beyond with its many features. It's easy to learn about constellations by pointing your device to the sky and it will track your movements and tell you what you are looking at. Another cool feature is that the 3D simulation where you can tracks stars, planets or the moon and it will show you where it is in the sky, even in daylight.

This app is a fun way to help students to learn about the universe. It lets this subject be more hands on for the students instead of just simply showing them pictures.