Why there SHOULD be locker checks

Vote Yes!!!

It IS the school's property, and they DO have the right to look!!!

Well why?

  • Students could be hiding drugs or weapons in their lockers!
  • Lockers are a place to store schoolwork and supplies, but it can also be a convenient hiding spot for death. Not to scare anyone or something like that!
  • On debate.org a man said, "Teachers get suspicious of drugs, weapons, or alcohol. But they should only search if they have to!"

Another Reason?

  • It can make the school safer
  • If teachers start it, then there will more than likely be an e-mail about it. Then the parents might search the students stuff to save the school a trip, giving the student NO place to hide things.

Last Reason!

  • There would be less school crimes and violence.
  • If the students locker would get picked to search, then they would find the thing that they stole.
  • A lady said, "There is much less violence and crimes at school it has been DRASTICALLY reduced!"
  • Some schools have k-9 helpers to search lockers:
  • some students are afraid to come to school because of the people that steal things from the school! And they could be ANY kind of person, as shown here:


  • Locker checks can be useful and can save a lot of money for the school.
Education 100: Locker Search

We don't want anyone to be hurt, do we?