By: Gage A

How do Hurricanes form?

To begin with Hurricanes start as tropical storms. When a tropical storm reaches 74mph or more it is considered a hurricane. The water they pick up makes the hurricane stronger. They usually form over really warm waters.

How are Hurricanes dangerous?

Hurricanes are dangerous because they rip up anything in their path. they can kill thousands of people. The Great Galveston Hurricane killed 8,000 people. they can cause billions in damage. Hurricanes range from category 1 - category 5, 2which is the most dangerous.

When and where do Hurrcanes occur?

Hurricanes occur around the warm waters of the equator. They occur during summer in these parts. This is called hurricane season. This is when hurricanes most likely occur. Some months in hurricane season are late spring to early fall.

How do Hurricanes create damege?

Hurricanes create damage by ripping up houses and trees on the spot. They can also break levees. The Flood waters can wash lots of things away. The damage cost can go of the charts(80 billion or more). The flood waters can destroy things in an instant.
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