Central Plains

By: Alec Morales

This regain is cool

The central plains is a place with dry air and gets 20-30 inches of rain per year. we have alot of cotton, peanuts, wheat, corn, and peacans. also the central plains have rolling hills and valleys. As well the central plains has grasslands, brush, good rain fall, oil and gas. last the central plains has an economy of ranching and farming.

More about the central plains

The north central plains is bounded by the caprock escarpment to the west. Also the edwards plateau to the south, and the eastern cross timbers to the east. This are includes the north central around the cities of abilene and wichita falls. The western cross timbers to the west of fort worth and the grand prairie. and the eastern cross timbers is to the east of dallas with about 35-50 inches of rain.