Biometric Authentication

Keeping hospitals secure

Where would you find Biometric Authentication systems?

Biometric Authentication systems are found anywhere in the hospital in any admitting areas. The patient is then entered into the system so the hospital staff can then track the patients records as they move through the various parts in the hospital for treatment, testing, surgery, etc.

What is Biometric Authentication used for?

Biometric Authentication is used to ensure patient care and treatment is kept confidential. The process involves taking fingerprints from two or three fingers on the left and right hands; scanning two or three pieces of their identification which would include their drives license, taking their photo, scanning their health information and getting an electronic version of the patients signature. When the patient is already in the system and is returning, hospital staff can pull them up by using a fingerprint and date of birth.

Why is Biometric Authentication valuable?

Biometric Authentication is valuable because it keeps healthcare records secure. It tracks the patients health records throughout their lifetime. It helps eliminate mistakes, fraud and even the mistake of sending a newborn baby home with the wrong family.

Professional and Ethical

The whole Biometrics system is only meant to be used professionally and ethically as the whole premise behind it is to keep things professional and ethical.


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