Staff Mustang Memo

September 16, 2016

Message from Lindsey...

Whew - I'm ready for a weekend to sleep. As most of you know, I was a little under the weather this week. Hopefully I can kick it this weekend! I hope everyone can join me tomorrow morning at 8am in the parking lot of the Chamber of Commerce for our Mill Creek section of the ISD parade. Don't forget that at 10am, after the parade, the student-run ISD store is opening! They are selling high school spirit wear, ISD wear, Mavericks' merchandise, and Royals merchandise! Be sure to stop by and support our students!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Week at a Glance

*Dental Recall Bus Here

Mon. 9/19

1:00-4:00 - PST Meetings

Tues. 9/20

No Staff Meeting

All-day: Lindsey, Kari, Lisa, and Amanda out for PBIS Training

Wed. 9/21

9:45 - Recovery Room Training (Billi will have a sub)

Thurs. 9/22

No Collaboration due to Assembly

10:30 - Pep Assembly with Chrisman Students

Fri. 9/23

Jeans (those that have paid)

8:30 - SpEd Collab

Kindergarten Study Trip (Puppetry Arts)

2:30 - StuCo Election Speeches (3rd-5th attend)


Duty Assignments

If you are scheduled to cover a certain duty (breakfast, morning greeting, lunch, car riders, walkers, etc.), it is your responsibility to get your duty covered if you are not able to be there. Please let me know (a quick email is fine) that you'll need to miss your duty and include who you have scheduled to cover your duty.

A few helpful hints...

- You may think about who doesn't have a duty during that time of day that can cover

- You may need to trade duties with someone (you cover lunch today - I'll cover your's tomorrow)

Please help out our team by getting your duty covered!


I apologize for not getting this information out sooner...

Our nutrition services department will be delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to your classrooms a few times a week. These are both meant to be a snack for students to keep them going through the afternoon and as an opportunity for students to try a variety (and sometimes new) fruits and vegetables. Please pass these out to your students to eat at school. A great time for students to snack might be during workshop work time or another independent activity or during a quick transition time. Please do not simply send the snacks home with students - they are not allowed on buses and have already caused a few messes during dismissal. Students do not have to partake in the snack, but please encourage students to try new foods and feed their brains!

Staff Meetings

Starting next month, we are going to move our staff meetings into our classrooms! I hope you'll agree that having time to step into your colleagues learning environment and learn from each other and gain new ideas! As you know, we don't have a ton of free time to go into each classroom and sit down and take a look around - so hopefully this will help!

Below is the beginning of the schedule so you know when we're heading to you!

Oct. 4th - Aidnik

Oct. 11th - Foster

Oct. 25th - Esch

Nov. 1st - Soendker

Kid President Is Over It!

ISD 150th Parade

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 8am

210 West Truman Road

Independence, MO

Please join us on Saturday, September 17th to walk in the Mill Creek section of ISD's 150th Anniversary Parade! Please wear a Mill Creek shirt and meet us at 8:00am! Our families and students will be joining us also.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Walk to School Day

Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 7am

River and Colonel

Coach Miller will be sending out more information closer to the date - but please reserve the morning of Oct. 5th for Walk to School Day! This is a big event at Mill Creek as we have many walkers! It's lots of fun so please join us on our walk!