The Eagle's Nest

Week of August 31

CEEM Week 2

Happy Sunday Eagles!

Our students worked hard on their iReady diagnostics this week! Third grade students will be taking the Beginning of Grade (BOG) test on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Please make sure your child is here on time, before 8am, and gets plenty of rest, eats breakfast and is ready to do their best.

We have six important reminders for you this week:

1. Please be on time daily, students may arrive as early as 7:30 am, but need to be here before the 8:00 bell.

2. Please try to avoid early check-outs. Students have two face-to-face instructional days per week and we want to maximize their time with us.

3. Thank you to all of the parents who have had their child's name tag displayed on the car dash, that has been a huge help to us. If you need a tag, please let us know.

4. Bus locator forms are due to bus drivers as soon as possible, this will make afternoon drop-offs run smoothly.

5. Health Screenings are due by October 31st. This is for Kindergarten students and students whoi have transferred to us from out of state. Students who have not returned these forms will not be allowed to come to school on November 2nd. Students can return the day the health screening is returned.

6. We will continue our policy of no early checkouts or transportation changes after 2:30pm.

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Online School Payments

We are asking that all student fees be paid online. Payments are quick, simple and there is no convenience fee or surcharge.

Parents who use School Cash Online have the ability to:

  • Keep track of their child's school items and activity fees.
  • Stay connected by receiving email notifications of new fees.
  • Check their account history.
  • View and print receipts.
  • Pay for school fees any time, anywhere, with a simple click.
  • Easily link and access all students in a household.
  • Make payments using Visa or Mastercard.

Visit to pay your students fees.

If you are unable to pay student fees, please request a waiver from your child’s teacher.

All students K-5 will pay $31.00 for school fees, including the $25.00 device fee.

How to find Remote Learning Assignments

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