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February 4, 2016

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Literacy Update by Adrienne

This week during literacy we were reading plays. Each kid will be in a Folktale or Fairytale. The names are Spiderella, Little Late Riding Hood and more! We were also learning opinion writing. Did you know that OREO is a acronym. It stands for opinion, reason, example, and opinion again. We have something called Daily Five. It is where we read and do readings groups. Also we have a new app called Epic. You can read any book that you want like Folk Tales, nonfiction, fiction, and Fairytales. Maybe you will even read a folktale and fairy tale put together. That is what we are learning this week.

We are.... GOWER WEST!

LRC Stations by Tatiana

In LRC stations on Monday we worked on legos. Our challenge was to make letters from the alphabet. Some people did b, z, y, w, a, c, and e.We also had coloring pages for Valentine’s Day. One was a mix of designs like hearts,squares,triangles. Another thing was our your favorite dessert opinion writing with Mrs.Nigro. We also checked out a nonfiction book and a fiction book. Next we made Valentine cards for each other. The other station was puzzles. There were dinosaur puzzles, princess puzzles, and the whole United States puzzle. On the touch screen computers we did reading and math. The last station was watching a quotation marks video. LRC stations were a blast.

Capturing Kids Hearts by Taj

We been following our social contract well, but we do need a little help at times. We’ve been working hard on math and reading while following our social contract. We have been honest to our teachers and kind to our teachers. Also we have been doing okay on being respectful which means eyes looking, ears listening, lips closed, and hands & feet quiet. One area we need improvement on is our inside voices because we have not been quiet lately. Overall we have been doing good on being kind to our classmates.

Lunch & Recess by Jenna

Everyday when we go to lunch we sit at a lunch table. First we open our lunch boxes and get our lunch out. Then usually we talk. You can either get cold lunch or hot lunch. If you get hot lunch you go to the lunch lady and get your food. There is also snacks that you can get if you want. But you only can get a snack if you are finished with your lunch. After everybody is finished with their lunches we have to wash the tables. Then after we wash the tables we sit and wait until we get called to line up for recess.

When we line up for recess we wait until the door opens. Then we always go outside. At recess there are two places you can go to. You can go to the blacktop or the playground. If it it is really cold out or it rains, we stay inside for recess and watch a movie. If it a little cold outside we only go on the blacktop. When recess is over one of the lunch ladies blows the whistle. Then after that we line up behind the stars. Then she calls each class at a time to line up. Finally we go inside. Then we get our lunch boxes from the bin. That is how we do lunch.

Jump Rope for Heart by Jackson

All of the children in the school are participating in Jump Rope for Heart. It is on February 11th. There are six different Lifesaver pups that help you keep your body healthy. They all have one reason to keep you healthy. I’ll give you the names. There is Super Pup, Capt'n Bark, Ninja Star, Martia N. Mutley, Dr. Bow Wow, and Soccer Pup. Now I will tell you what they say. Super pup says, “It is not only good receiving gifts, but it is even better giving gifts.” Capt'n Bark says, “Don’t smoke.” It includes drugs. Ninja Star says, “Don’t eat a lot of salt, sugar and other kinds of unhealthy things. It is not healthy for your body.” Martia N. Mutley says, “Stop eating so much junk food. Eat more vitamins, vegetables, and fruits.” Dr. Bow Wow says, “Stay away from soda and other sugary drinks. Water and milk are healthier.” Soccer Pup says, “Stop playing video games. Be active by playing outside. You should always get at least one hour of action everyday.” I hope everyone is looking forward to Jump Rope for Heart.

Six Flags Reading Logs Due February 23rd.

Special Classes Update by Danny

We go to lots of classes over the week. Every day we go to PE. Recently we got a new rock wall. We go left to right, no up and down. Also we play games. In music we sing songs for our concert. We know most of our songs. We need to know all of our songs in March. Sometimes we go to the computer lab to do tests or practice. On Mondays we go to the library and work in stations. This is how we spend our time in our special classes.

Valentine's Day

Your child is welcome to send in Valentines to share with their with their classmates next Friday, February 12th. We will be passing them out that morning. If your child chooses to bring in Valentines, please make sure they include one for every child.

Here is a list of students in the class: