Week 11: It's Fall Fan-tastic!

What have we been doing? Where are we going? We know!

You're Invited!

Special Event: Join us at the Fall Fan-tastic!

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 12:30-1:30pm

Room 205, Care Early Learning Center

Parents, who are you a "fan" of? Got a burning desire to show and tell about an awesome person? Come join us on Friday at 12:30 PM, when we will be celebrating our role models in class. Past role models include Michael Jordan, the first president of Texas, and the writer of the longest-running Japanese cartoon in history.

The topic must be educational; your role model can be from any time period and need not be living. Email Ms. Lau at alau@careisd.org for more information, or text her at 555-555-5555.


Social Studies: Learning About Community Workers

Our students have been hard at work reading and talking about community workers. Parents, what do you know about community workers? Ask your student what they know--you might be surprised!

In order to prepare for a visit from our local school Police Officer Caredon next week, we've been coming up with questions we'd like to ask him. What does your child know about police officers?

Math: Identifying Numbers

We're still working on our numbers 0 through 5, and we're making great progress. We'll continue to work on this skill, and we aim to work our way up to the number 9 by the end of the month.
We appreciate any efforts outside of school that can help with your child's number skills.

Listed below are several games you can play with your child at home.

Reading: Retelling and Acting Out Stories

Has your child been acting out lately? No, we don't mean misbehavior!

We've started acting out our stories and practicing retelling them. Halloween may be over, but we're just getting started. Retelling and re-enacting stories is a wonderful way to get students interested in reading, and building a foundation for literacy. Acting doesn't require costumes, but don't be surprised if your child shows an interest in replaying your bedtime story. Play along!

Science: Describing the Life Cycle

Here in class we've been busy studying the life cycle of butterflies. Most of our twenty-two pupas have finally emerged and spread their wings. We have said goodbye to all the butterflies and wished them well on our migration south for the winter. We are now preparing to host our next group of visitors: mealworms!
If I were a butterfly preschool program
Here we are, saying goodbye to our butterflies... We hope they travel safely! Special thanks to Karen Care, who took the video.

School Events...

PTO Fall Fundraiser

Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 10:30am

Cafeteria, Care ECC

In two weeks, the PTO is hosting its annual Fall Fundraiser. Got an interest in sales? We're seeking all cashiers, event set-up and clean-up personnel! What about a mean muffin recipe? We're seeking all bakers, other sweet-treat makers, and cake decorators! Extra help is always appreciated. Sign ups are available below.


  • Someone left their lunch pack in the cafeteria on Wednesday. Stop by the main office to pick it up.

  • Please remember to park in the circle drive, and have your placard ready in the front window. This helps us to find your child more quickly.

Thank you! We've had another great week. Keep up the good work!


Ms. Lau's class is located on the third hallway, room 205. Please stop by the main office to check in. Visitors and volunteers always appreciated.