The Road To Perseverance

By: Nolan Martini


Perseverance is the ability to keep moving towards your goal, even in rough times. If you have real perseverance than you will succeed your goal even if adversity was slowing you down.

Losing to win (Problem Solution)

The video “Losing to win” is about a group of girls who struggle in life from disorders, drugs, and anger issues. The girls have to leave their original schools and go to Carroll Academy, where they have to play basketball. Although there is a basketball team the basketball team has lost 218 games straight. This might not seem like too big of a problem but for the lady jags it causes discouragement, frustration, and embarrassment. Above all, the girls triumphed by becoming really close and were motivated by the coaches to succeed in life. Also they were finally able to trust others in life and worked together to get better and overcome adversities. Overall, the lady jags did not win a game but won something more important in life that they didn’t expect, friendship.

Dartanyon and Leroy

Winston Churchill leading Great Britian (Description)

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and tenacious historical figure. He was born in 1874. His childhood was rough with his parents not around most of the time, leaving a nanny to take care of him. Throughout his life he has shown hard work. For example when he was in school he wasn’t the best student but finished high in his class. He also wanted to help the country out in war so he joined the army in WW1. However, he is best known for leading Great Britain as Prime Minister through WW2. During this time Britain was under attack for over six months, but Churchill never gave in. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in.” From this quote we know Churchill was full of ambition and didn’t care what the matter was, he wasn’t giving up, he was fighting till the end.

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Jackie Robinson and the MLB (Cause and Effect)

When Mr. Rickey was a college coach he dealt with issues because one of his players was black, the kid was so upset he tried to scratch the black out of him. Many years later the noble Mr. Rickey was planning on trying the “Noble Experiment.” His goal was to have the first black come and play in the MLB. First he spent a long time searching for someone who was a good baseball player, and strong mentally and physically. Next Mr. Rickey found his answer; Jackie Robinson. At first Jackie Robinson wasn’t really interested in the task, but eventually became fond of the idea. Jackie Robinson was a great ballplayer, but still endured a lot of racist comments because he was black. Finally people began to realize that whites and blacks could do the same things and soon the MLB didn’t have a racial barrier. Jackie Robinson was an inspiration on and off the field of baseball.

Eleanor Roosevelt the "First Lady of the World"

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Learning from Perseverance

One can learn many things from another persons perseverance. One thing that all people can learn that if you are truly wanting a certain goal you can reach it, it just depends on what you are willing to do to get to it. Some will realize that it is possible and they will go for it all, while others will just they tried because they don't want to get their hands dirty. Overall, others perseverance is really just inspiration for others who are willing to risk it just for a chance to triumph in the end.