March Updates!

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C+I March Madness Contest!!

The Leadership Team started a March Madness contest this Tuesday. We will have 13 days of head-to-head competition. The Leadership Development Team will pair us up against one other team each day. This means we will face at total of 13 teams and I want us to win! Is anyone else competitive like me? :) We already won the first two days and I would love to continue our winning streak!

All you need to do is make a sale each day! We win by making more sales as a team than the other team. If everyone on our team makes one sale, we will conquer this competition! On March 27th, the top 64 teams will move into the next phase of March Madness (these 13 days are just the Preliminaries!).

*If* we make it to the Top 64, every one of you who has made a sale in the Preliminary round, no matter how big or small, will be entered into a MAJOR RAFFLE, which includes jewelry credit, free jewelry, free business supplies + more!!

There's so much more to this March Madness, but I'll leave you with that for now. I'd love for us to do several team wide Pop-Ups, where we all Pop-Up together at the same time. I've already got a little Facebook event going with some great Pop-Up prep tips & I'll be posting exactly what you can say in your own Pop-Ups + graphics to go along with your posts (assuming your Pop-Up is online). If you would like to join in this event to ensure our team makes it all the way + you have a chance to win some fabulous prizes, reply ASAP!!

Tips to Maximize the Spring Fling Sale!

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EVERY SINGLE LEADER will be raffling off $150 in jewelry/business supply credit to one of their participating team members! How? Merchandisers earn a ticket for the raffle for every $300 in pop-up volume they generate between March 11 and March 31. The pop-up can be scheduled outside of this time period, but the $300 pop-up volume must be achieved between March 11th and month-end. Additionally, $300 must be secured in one event ... it cannot be combined across multiple events.

Merchandisers can earn raffle tickets across multiple events (assuming each event achieves a minimum of $300 in the qualifying time period), and raffle tickets are stackable per event in $300 increments, meaning that the more successful your event is, the more chances you get ($300 event earns one ticket; $600 event earns two tickets, $900 event earns three tickets, etc).

Remember, ONE PRIZE WINNER PER TEAM, but all teams are eligible! Good luck!

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