Westminster Weekly

May 18, 2023

Hello Westminster Families!

As the weather warms up please remember our expected dress per our handbook. Refer to the expectations with footwear and outdoor clothing from page 13:


Safety reasons suggest that clogs, “heels” of any kind, flip flops, and sandals without backs should not be worn to school. Sneakers are always a good choice. Closed toe shoes with backs are required for climbing on playground equipment.

Outdoor Clothing:

We recognize that not all children need the same amount of clothing for protection from the weather – and reserve the right to use our knowledge of individual children to make decisions. During the winter we ask that all children have appropriate outdoor wear that include: boots, hats, gloves/mittens, snow pants, winter jacket. Boots and snow pants are required for playing in the snow. On rainy days, or in severe cold, students will have indoor recess, generally in classrooms – as designated by teachers. We will use the following guidelines to determine appropriate clothing on specific days:

  • 60+ degrees- Short sleeve shirts are acceptable

  • 50-60 degrees – Long sleeve shirts

  • 40-50 degrees – Sweatshirts/sweaters/lightweight jackets

  • 30-40 degrees – Hats, coats

  • 20-30 degrees- Coats, hats, mittens

  • Below 20 degrees– Recess based on the discretion of the staff

  • below 0 degrees - indoor recess

Dates to Remember:)

5/23-5/25 Ms. Sullivan's Class to Studio Y

5/25 Spring Concert; 6:30

5/29 Memorial Day; No School

5/30, 5/31, & 6/2 Visiting Artist

6/5-6/9 Circus Residency

6/12 Field Day

6/13 4th Grade Field Trip

6/13 Reading With Ribby SwampBats Game

6/15 6th Grade to Echo Lake

6/15 Kindergarten to VINS

6/16 4th Grade to hike the Pinnacle

6/16 Report Cards go home to families

6/16 6th Grade Success Night

6/19 No School; Juneteenth

6/20 Last day of school for students; Early Release, 11:45 Dismissal

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Dress As a Grown Up Day, May 19th

Show school spirit and have some fun! Dress Up As A Grown Up Day will be Friday, May 19th. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up as if they were an adult!
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Spring Concert

We will hold our annual Spring Concert on Thursday, May 25th. The concert will begin at 6:30 and students will be asked to go to their classrooms at 6:15.

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ASP Thought Exchange

Please participate via the ThoughtExchange platform to provide feedback on the 2022-2023 After-School Programs. Click the link to participate, or scan the QR code!


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Coffee and Conversation


Friday, May 26th at 8:00am


In the Gym entrance


Come join me, Mrs. Harty, for coffee. Bring questions, concerns, suggestions or just come to chat! We will meet outside and can move in between the gym lobby doors if it is too cold:)


This week, Kindergarten students practiced their measuring skills! Children traced a classmate's body and measured their own body in cubes. Our classes have also been learning about the parts of a plant. We have been observing seeds, roots, stems and leaves through our window gardens.

First Grade

This week First Grade started our alphabet celebration days. We celebrated Artist Day by learning about illustrators, drawing our own characters, and completing directed drawings from the letter A. Our second day was Bubbles and Books. Students shared their favorite book, made bubble wands and made 2 different bubble solutions (one with sugar!). C was for Crazy Socks and Chalk! We are excited to celebrate the rest of the alphabet.
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Second Grade

Second grade had a blast on our first field trip together to VINS. We spent time exploring the different exhibits, looking at the live birds and reptiles, making our way through the canopy walk, and climbing in the adventure park playground. Listening to the presenter of the raptor show taught us so much, and we even got to see three different raptors show off their flying skills! It was a great day and we are so thankful we were able to go!

Third Grade

Third grade spent time in our beautiful school garden with Mandy preparing and planting asparagus. Students collaborated to dig an 18 inch deep trench and filled it with evenly distributed asparagus starters. We can't wait to observe the progress the plants make throughout the summer and look forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor once it's harvested!

Fourth Grade

The fourth-grade visit to Studio Y was certainly full of ups and downs as students faced the challenge of building a roller coaster. These creative innovators collaborated with their peers to design a three-hill/one-loop roller coaster that would launch a new transportation system in the Innovative Cities of Vermont Challenge. It was exciting to see all the variations, collaborations, and improvements these young engineers made to their creations. Rest assured, Vermont’s future is in good hands with these students. Stay tuned for more adventures at Studio Y!

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Fifth Grade

Fifth graders had the chance to visit Old Sturbridge Village and attend a cooking workshop with the staff! They had the opportunity to work together to make jumbles (ring shaped cookies made in the 1800s) using the same ingredients and kitchen tools that were used in the 1800s. Students were educated on the differences between the lives of those who lived during that time period, and their lives today. After the workshop, students, chaperones, and teachers had some time to explore the village that recreates the life of those living in the 19th century!

Sixth Grade

The power of exponents! 6th graders are learning about exponents along with our algebra unit. They worked to solve the following problem:

You find a brass bottle. When you rub some dirt off, a genie appears! The genie offers you a reward. You must choose:

-$50,000, or

-A magic $1 coin that will turn into tow coins on the first day. The two coins will turn into four on the second day. The genie explains that the doubling will continue for 28 days.

Sixth grade mathematicians discovered that by day 16 you have already exceeded the lump sum amount. They decided patience would pay off! Some students even continued the work to see how much it would increase by day 30!