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Newspaper Project Advanced By: David Miranda

I don't want to fall in love.

Dear Trustworthy Advisor:

My name is Karina Cortez, and I suspect that i have experienced an indescribable feeling towards this one boy that I've been getting very close to. I think this might turn out to be a little more than just a friendship. I don't want to get in trouble but, i feel too attached to him. I have not the slightest idea on what to do, please help me. All i need to do is wait half a year more to get the cure.

Karina Cortez

Dear Karina:

I have analyzed the status of your circumstances. You should cut off all contact with said young man until you get the cure. Talk to him, explain, and cut him off. Three simple steps to keep you safe from deliria. Put them to use the next time you see the boy or else, you know what happen.

Advisor #0004


What would you do if love were to be lethal disease and there were a cure for it? The cure would make you safe from love and save you the pain that comes with it. You would leave in a community that is safe and not worry about anything. Except, the uncured. The cure cannot be be applied to people less than 18 years of age. This may result in young people that know what a good love feels like and start a revolution to abolish the cure. Inspired by the book "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver. Love is worth finding; there can't be true happiness with out love, but it can also destroy you from the inside to the outside. Will you take the risk to feel again?


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Mila Kunis as: Lena Halloway

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Channing Tatum as: Alex Sheathes

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And Keira knightley as: Hana Tate

Help us make Portland a safe place.

Since there are people who can drug test, lets have more people love test others. If you have a relative that has been acting strangely lately, it might be because he/she is infected. Don't hesitate to take action; to be affirmative about your loved ones being infected take some time to sit with them and ask them the following questions.

  1. Why are you acting different?
  2. How do you feel about the rules and the system to keep us safe from Deliria?
  3. Who/what are you always thinking about?
  4. Do you think people shouldn't receive the cure?
If you receive answers that are not like what your relative would usually say call:


We appreciate you making our community safe.