"To move, or not to move..."

By: Kolbe Harris


This essay is about what colonies you should have moved to back in the era of American Colonies. I will present reasons why you should move to the grand Georgia! But beware for Massachusetts and Pennsylvania shall bring you trouble if you dare tread on their land.


Georgia is the optimal place to move. James Oglethorpe was the inspirational force of this colony. It was made for people who could not pay their taxes in England. As a result these people were put in prison, it helps that they were all given a second chance so they are more than likely not going to mess up the opportunity. This colony was mainly inhabited by poorer people, but included some explorers and settlers who were searching for religious freedom. Lumbering and farming were major industries in this colony. This was good because they would have a lot of wood for building structures and lots of food to eat. Tobacco was a minor industry in Georgia.

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Pennsylvania is one of the worst places you could move to. William Penn is who founded Pennsylvania. When he asked the king for permission to make a new colony the king granted his wish. The king granted his wish because William Penn had always been a pain for the king and he thought if he did this his debt to William’s father Admiral Penn would be repaid. The problem is that if he was always a pain for the king what says he won’t be a pain for you. William Penn was in a group called the Society of Friends, infamously known as the Quakers. The problem is they allow chaos and anarchy. If he does make laws they are going to be in favor of rebellious and immature people that like drinking to the point of inebriation and not paying taxes which is necessary for a colony so they can build structures. The Society of Friends was a very rebellious group they refused to pay their taxes, refused to bow to the king, and refused to fight in wars for the king. When the colony was founded the main population was the Society of Friends which is bad because what proves that they won’t be bad for the new colony.


Massachusetts is another one of the worst places you could live. It was founded by a group of people known as separatists. They did not want to be part of the new church that the king had just made so some of them moved to Massachusetts and on the voyage made the Mayflower compact. The problem with this is that if people want their religion and someone else wants a different one there may be fighting over religion. The problem with the Mayflower compact is that if some people don't like the rules of the compact they may rebel. Another problem is that the winters there are horrible so if it were not for the native Indians they would have all died. That is not really a problem, but it doesn’t help your reputation. One huge problem is that 10 years later a voyage of Puritans (the exact opposite of separatists made a voyage to Massachusetts.) The Puritans were looking for land to live by God's rules, the opposite of what the separatists went looking for so you know when the Puritans get there, there is going to be a lot of fighting over religion.