Great Horned Owl are the biggest owls.

They have fluffy white ears and big yellow eyes.

Great Horned Owls have grey and brown feathers.

They have paper thin bones.

Guess what scientist think that great horned

owls hearing is better than their eye sight.


Great horned owl lives in

woods, park, and suburbs.

They live everywhere

except Hawaii.

Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl in Slow Motion by Unique Views of Nature

4 Interesting Facts

  1. Great horned owls are large, powerful, and aggressive birds.
  2. Their eye sight is 100 time better than people.
  3. Great horned owl 2 inches of feathers.
  4. A great horned owl wing span is 50 inches long or

more and it is 25 inches tall.


Great horned owls spot their prey,

Then before they strike the head snaps

back and it puts its tail down.


When a male owl finds a mate he fluffs

his feathers and spreads it wings then

lands in front of its mate.

A great horned owl doesn't build a nest.

They go around looking for a nest.


National Audubon Society First Field Guide Birds

Tiger with Wings The Great Horned Owl

by Barbara Juster Esbensen

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I did my research project on the Great Horned

Owl because I like birds and Mrs. DeMint

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